Finding a perfect plus size wedding dress

By: Genevieve Pelletier
Photographer: Jonathan Kuhn Photography

plus size wedding dress

Finding a perfect plus size wedding dress

I am a plus size kind of girl. There is a whole lot of me to love, and my husband does a fine job of it if I do say so myself. When I started planning my wedding I was excited to pick out all the details except one: the dress. As fuller lady I was nervous that I was too big to try on dresses. I had nightmares of showing up to dress stores, and finding nothing in my size. I know I am not alone in this regard. I see message boards filled with women terrified of the dress shopping experience. I am here to say that all that worrying was for nothing. There are some very easy tips you can follow that will make the process a thousand times easier for you.
1. Research your body type. Do you need a plus size wedding dress?
You need to take a really honest look at your body type, not what you want to be, or what you can be after you go on a weight loss program. Examine what you look like at that moment. It’s nice to think you will go on a strict fitness program and come out looking like a swimsuit model, but that may not be realistic. There is absolutely no reason to hide those fabulous curves you already have. Your future spouse thinks you are rocking it the way you are right now, so stop worrying about the number on the scale.

Once you know your body shape, do your research. Spend time on the internet, read books and magazines and learn what looks best on your body shape. For example my body is a pear shape; small on the top, and a whole lot going on around my lower half. I originally thought a ball gown would be perfect. I thought it would hide my rear end well, and give the illusion the size was from the dress. Wow was I wrong. Guess what a ballgown does for my shape; it adds eighty pounds. I even tried one on later to make sure, and it wasn’t pretty people. Know your shape.
2. Call the bridal salon ahead of time to make sure they carry more than one plus size wedding dress in your street size
Do not leave it up to chance if the bridal salon has dresses in your size. You don’t want to arrive and they have only one dress for your fabulous self to try. Make sure when you call ahead to not only ask if they carry dresses in your size, but if they have samples in your size to try on. Most stores will be able to order a final product in a size 26, but will have a size 8 sample. I know my body is not squeezing into any size 8’s (well maybe one thigh might fit)! So remember to ask roughly how many styles and dresses they have for you to try and don’t be shy about asking. You don’t want to waste your time, your family’s and friends’ time or the salon’s time.
3. Be willing to try different styles.
Unfortunately not every style will look good on a bigger girl. You may have your heart set on a skin tight, sheer dress, but it may not flatter your body type. If that is what you want, then don’t let anyone stop you. It’s your day, and your dress. Period. With that being said, always try different styles. What you thought might look awful on you might look perfect. Just be willing to experiment a little. You never know what you might find.

A little preparation can make a stressful experience fun. Now go find your perfect dress.

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