9 Essential Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Preparing for your destination wedding is important. Review these destination wedding travel tips before you leave!

1. Wedding Coordinators and Travel Agents

Choosing to use a travel agent or a wedding coordinator can be very helpful. These professionals can often reserve sets of rooms for your wedding party and guests at hotels or resorts. Refer family members directly to these professional to make their own travel arrangements. This will remove you from having to keep track of all the details. This can relieve a lot of stress from your destination wedding travel.

2. Making a List

The details of a destination wedding can be overwhelming. Start a list several weeks before you leave of everything that you will need. Starting the list early will give you ample time to remember anything you may have forgotten. Then all that you need to do before leaving is simply gather everything and pack.

3. Pack Light

Be mindful of the little things that you will likely not need. Check with your hotel or resort about things that will be available to you during your stay. The less you bring the less you will have to carry around and worry about. Bring outfits that can be mixed and matched and instead pack smaller accessories to change things up. Most hotels offer laundry services if you stay will be longer.

4. Delegate

Choose trusted family or friends to take over certain responsibilities such as packing certain things, shipping things beforehand, planning a welcome or rehearsal party and even getting the last minute things you need. Delegating to others will help you be able to relax and enjoy your destination wedding.

5. Bring All Contact Information

When traveling for you wedding, always bring a written form of contact information for all of your key people. Cell phones do not always function out of your home country and finding an internet cafe to look things up can be a hassle. Avoid the possibility and added stress of not being able to get in touch with the people you need.

6. Be Healthy

Staying hydrated, eating well and getting enough sleep can be the easiest way to help your body stay healthy when you travel. Help your body fight off any foreign bugs by giving it the tools it needs. Bring essentials such as extra vitamins or your favorite tea, avoid tap water when in other countries and wash hands regularly.

7. Arrive Early

Make sure to arrive a few days before your destination wedding to make sure all the details are in place. This extra time will also be helpful in adjusting to any change in time zones, settling in and bringing peace to any nerves you might have. It is always a good idea to allow time to enjoy the events you have planned and the people who are there to share it with you.

8. Island Time

If you are traveling to another country or island it may seem that in the new culture time significantly slows down. It is important to remember that relationships are often first priority and time commitments may be a bit more flexible than you are used to. Relax and be patient. However, if you have an urgent matter, share your concern with the right people in a calm way. The hotel staff really are on your side and they do want to serve you. Be polite and you may find that you could get the results you are looking for a lot quicker. Prepare to slow down and be patient with those around you.

9. Kick Back and Relax

Don't forget that you are the bride! It is easy to become extremely busy as your big day approaches and even more so when destination wedding travel is involved. Take time to refresh and appreciate everything and everyone with you. Go for a walk, take a soothing bath or get up early before the day begins and watch the sunrise. Your guests will understand if you need a bit of alone time.

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