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Adam and Jessie

Working Together Made the Difference

Compiled by Ariel Vered and Photos by Jemman Photography

Adam and Jessie met on the dating website Plenty of Fish in 2013.

“I picked him up and we just started talking instantly,” remembers Adam.

“I forgot where I was driving.”

They had a first date that lasted hours: they started off by getting a tea and going for a walk, then hung out at Adam’s place before going to see a movie. The date ended with a late-night burger.

“I told him for the record that it was one of the best dates I’d had in a very long time,” Adam says.

“The connection was almost instant.”

The engagement happened on a day when the couple were each having a bad work day. Not only did they date for over three years, they also worked together: when they first started dating, Jessie was looking for a change and Adam’s company was hiring.

The subject of getting engaged had come up before, but they couldn’t agree on who was going to propose. On that lousy day, they were sitting and talking at lunch and decided to go pick out rings and make it official.

The couple originally planned to get married in the fall of 2018. To their surprise, they won a pop-up wedding contest that featured a $3,000 wedding day package that included a one-hour wedding, an officiant, a photographer, floral arrangements, boutonnières, chairs and hors d’oeuvres.

The contest got to choose the date and location of the wedding ceremony, so they got married in the summer of 2017 at Walter Baker Park in Kanata.

Adam and Jessie wore navy blue suits from Mario Uomo — one lighter, one darker — and bright orange ties, with their groomsmen in silver grey suits. The bouquets featured wildflowers, roses and structured flowers.

“We wanted it to look like you went to the meadow and picked them up,” said Adam of the loosely structured flowers.

Despite the tighter timeline, Adam and Jessie threw a big cocktail reception at Code’s Mill in Perth where their friends and family mingled and celebrated. “We’re pretty laidback,” says Adam.

“We wanted our wedding to be fun. For me, the fun part was getting together with loved ones.”

The vision for the reception was a rustic, simple and elegant vibe. The centerpieces mirrored the bouquets in the loosely structured manner.

The couple rented a Corvett their wedding photos and had a great time taking pictures with Jemman Photography.

“Jessie and I just had a lot of fun the whole day,” remembers Adam.

“For anyone having a wedding, my advice is to try to stand back, take 10 minutes and enjoy that you’re actually at your own wedding.”

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