An Oasis of a Wedding Venue – Mahogany Salon & Spa


The perfectly manicured lawns and gardens are equally matched by the exquisitely crafted interior of Mahogany Salon & Spa in Carleton Place. Recently, the company has extended their long list of services, and ability to pamper guests by offering themselves up as a stunning wedding venue.  It is truly an oasis in the country where a bride and groom can go from early morning pampering to late night celebrating.

Several years ago, Catherine Wood was contemplating her next career. "I think you should open up a spa!" her daughter exclaimed. With a shared passion for both personal pampering and top quality customer service, she and her daughter Krystin began researching the possibility of opening a new business together. Their research took them to dozens of spas across North American and resulted in the creation of a vision of the spa they wanted to build. Two years ago, Mahogany Salon & Spa was inaugurated in Carleton Place occupying an abandoned quarry site. A true diamond in the rough that would quickly become a local area gem. What a gorgeous location!

What started as a simple vision of offering superb services has become so much more. The moment you enter the gates of the property you instantly understand that this is special place. Upon stepping through the doors you are greeted by a wonderful array of refreshing sights, smells and sounds – not the least of which is the pleasant, welcoming voice of the receptionist.  I really enjoyed the sea water aquarium in one room and a water wall in another.  Spa services include invigorating body massages and wraps, exciting hair-styling along with manicurespedicures and facials. Everything is here for a bride to get ready for her day. An oasis for the senses indeed.

Today's spa is not only for the bride. A variety of men's services are offered as well. Private rooms are available for couples to enjoy manicures & pedicures and massages together. Everything is here for the couple to relax and prepare for the wedding.

It was in chatting with brides that the idea of offering the grounds up for wedding ceremonies and receptions sprung. With such lovely surroundings, hosting the entire wedding simply made sense. As Mahogany Salon & Spa planned their landscape and gardens, they designed flat spaces where party tents can be installed. They even took into account the need for easy access to these spaces for caterers, party suppliers and DJ's to use. The oasis like grounds with their breathtaking water feature and meticulous gardens are designed not simply to be beautiful, but to be intelligent as well.

From inside and out, Mahogany Salon & Spa is an outstanding experience.

They are ready to welcome your wedding – from pampering to celebrating.

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