Be the most beautiful bride ever seen

Plan your entrance in advance – and here’s how:

Hair: In addition to a professional cut, colour, and style add a fabulous low-cost conditioning treatment of your own, leaving your hair feeling thicker and looking bouncier than ever before: heat one-half cup of olive oil for one minute (not too hot to touch); comb it through your tresses letting it soak in for an hour or two; shampoo twice for easy removal.

Face: Exfoliate your face daily with the following formula to reveal smoother and brighter baby skin: put one tablespoon of white sugar into a dish, pour in the same amount of milk, and before it dissolves gently rub it in circles all over your face. Wash it off with warm water, rinse with cold, and glow.

Teeth: A timely dental visit will give you confidence in your looks and your breath, so why not go the distance while you’re there by asking for a safe way to whiten your teeth? Protect the enamel with a variety of Philips Zoom methods, from a 45-minute light-activated system, to take-home gels, to a Zoom whitening pen to slip into your purse for a last-minute touch up.

Hands: A manicure is a must when you display your hand for the ring. Be sure to exfoliate the skin with either a loofa, or by scrubbing with a combination of baking soda and water.

Feet: Once your feet are soaked with emollients, pampered with a pedicure and massaged, you will have far more comfort-longevity in your pretty shoes. Tip: On your long wedding day, you may be surprised how much energy can be recouped by simply changing your shoes.

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