Beauty Tips for the Bride-to-Be


Flawless Face

When it comes to the location, the dress, the food and the flowers, everything is complicated. Your beauty regimen should be just the opposite. Here are some bridal tips to ensure your beauty regimen is perfect for the big day.

Facial Facts

Experts advise that every bride-to-be start treating her skin to monthly facial treatments four to six months prior to her wedding (no facials within a week of the wedding). Your facial should best fit your skin condition (clarifying, detoxifying, anti-aging etc.), in order to receive the benefits of the treatment. Your skin should be glowing the day of your wedding; start this process early and all eyes will be on you.

Sun Safety

Don’t let sun damage ruin your day. Most professionals suggest that the bride always wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, especially in the two weeks prior to walking down the aisle. We’ve all experienced painful burns from the sun; don’t let the rays affect your moment in the spotlight.

Rehearsal Ritual

A rehearsal hair and makeup run-through is highly recommended. Make sure your look is exactly to your liking so that there aren’t any surprises the day of. This run-through will fix last-minute quirks which would otherwise impede on your day.

Hydration Station

While this should already be part of your daily skin-care ritual, experts suggest that the bride-to-be especially hydrate her skin and under eyes with with antioxidant rich night cream (to prevent eye bags) and vitamins, to boost the look of skin, hair and nails. Your skin should be fresh and exuberant before your wedding day. If you already follow daily skin-care rituals and vitamin intake, stick to it and if you do not, find one and follow it.

Perfect Shade of Tan

If you’re looking for that shimmering faux wedding day glow before your big day, find your perfect spray tan shade at least four months prior to avoid any unwelcome surprises. The best time to get a spray tan is two days before the wedding. We all have our spray tan horror stories; your wedding day is not the day for such a story. Make sure to plan ahead and find the perfect shade so that your day and your look are just right.

Source: Ottawa Wedding Magazine files.

This article first appeared in the fall/winter 2013 print edition of Ottawa Wedding Magazine

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