Bridal Showers Are Boring! 10 Fun Themes to Liven Things Up

by Marylou Nielsen

If you’re planning a bridal shower, get creative—boring, stuffy bridal showers are a thing of the past. There are so many different themes available to make it fun and true to the bride’s personality. Check out this range of cool ideas:

Book/Character Theme

If the bride is crazy about books, use her favorite character and create a funky party around that. For example, Harry Potter was a favorite among lots of people. The food at the shower could be named after the food in the book, such as Cornish Pastries, Black Cat Potato Crisps and don’t forget ButterBeer for the drinks.

Fall is in the Air

The decor can be mostly free, since you can grab tall sticks from outside and place in vases as centerpieces. Or even use the fallen colored leaves. Use pumpkins, scarecrows and mum flowers. Click here for more information on bridal shower theme ideas and inspiration.

Hunting Dream Shower

Many couples hunt together during hunting season. If she is into hunting, decorate in camouflage. Caterers are able to decorate bridal shower cakes in camouflage icing. As picky as serious hunters can be when it comes to brands, recommend guests buy gift certificates to the nearest outdoor store.

Wine Tasting

If the soon-to-be bride and groom are into wine and the finer things in life, she may love the idea of a wine tasting. Request guests to bring wine to stock her wine cellar.

Traveling Bride

Start with the invitations: postcards from around the world. Ideal gifts would be travel-related; for example, luggage or new bags.

Sports Theme

It’s not written in stone that the shower has to take place in a restaurant or at someone’s house. If the bride is into sports, all the bridesmaids and guests could meet at a game and go out to eat after (jerseys are mandatory). If going to a game is out of the question, decorate the venue in the colors of her favorite team. Cakes, cookies or cupcakes could have icing the color of her team.

House Renovation

Instead of buying new toasters, coffee makers and picture frames, ask guests to bring either gift cards to home improvement stores or bring gallons of paint and new decor items. Warn guests to come dressed to get their hands dirty.

Casual Bride

If the bride is more of a casual girl, the plan could be as simple as going bowling or even out to a movie. Or maybe even grab some of her favorite chick flicks and get together to watch them. Plan a fun and laid-back evening with no frills or stuffiness, just comfort.

High-Tech Girl

Gifts could be anything from an iTunes card to a more expensive video camera to record the couple’s new adventures together.

What Era Are We In?

If you want to do something really offbeat, ask guests to come dressed in their favorite era clothing. Decorate wildly; each table could be decorated in the style of a different era, or you could choose one particular era for the theme of the whole shower.

Marylou Nielsen

MaryLou is a real estate agent and mother of two from Georgia.

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