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The Busy Bride’s Guide for Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means now is the time to take a break from wedding planning to celebrate the woman making it all possible — mom. Plan a chic Mother’s Day brunch without blowing your budget or adding stress to your already-busy schedule. This no-stress guide to hosting the perfect brunch will help you plan a thoughtful event in just a few easy steps.

mother's day brunch for busy brides

Include Pre-made Menu Items

To make a truly effortless Mother’s Day brunch, prepare the main dishes the night before. Martha Stewart’s recipe for Spinach and Gruyere quiche is a classy and filling brunch option, and it can be made a day in advance. Indulge your mother with Food and Wine Magazine’s Pecan-Maple Sticky Rolls, which could be reheated in a warm oven a few minutes before brunch. Or, for a less-sweet option, make a tart and luscious Orange Flower Water Cake.

Use Decorations That Double as Gifts

Floral bouquets not only make excellent centerpieces, but they’re a gift your mom can take home with her after the festivities. Save time by ordering an elegant floral arrangement that comes ready to place on the table, complete with vase. An assorted tulip bouquet or long-stemmed roses are classic options, or look to lilies, irises or daisies for a modern twist.

Make Store-Bought Appetizers Look Elegant

Save time and impress your mom by serving store-bought pastries on your grandmother’s formal china. Choose an assortment of lemon tarts, croissants, palmiers and brioche. Try Macarons et Madeleines in downtown Ottawa, which offers a variety of decadent bakery items to choose from. Arrange them in circles or rows on a platter, and infuse a “too-brown” display with color by adding a strawberry fan or lime rose garnish. For added interest, try displaying the pastries on an elevated glass cake platter or on a three-tier serving platter.

Set Up a Self-Serve Beverage Station

If you have the space, set up a small table in the corner of the dining area for self-served beverages. Include a pot or French press of coffee, a bowl of sugar cubes, a small pitcher of cream, and a large glass pitcher of chilled lemon or cucumber water. For a more festive take on the classic mimosa, serve chilled champagne or Prosecco with fresh grapefruit juice (squeezed the night before) or strawberry puree.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere

Make your mother feel special by creating a simple, intimate atmosphere for her brunch. Light tea lights in mason jars and sprinkle them down the center of the table, or nestle the candles in a tray filled with coffee beans. Start music playing in the background before the first guest arrives to set the mood.

Keep It Thoughtful

Despite your worst fears, your mother probably doesn’t care that much about how much money you spend on her or what gift she gets. She just wants to feel loved. Let her know how much you care by saying a few thoughtful words in her honor before everyone starts eating. Dig up childhood photo albums and look through them together after the meal. Pay her the compliment of asking for her marriage advice or talk about your favorite memories with her when you were a child. This time spent bonding with you will be a great asset as she prepares to send you off into the next big phase of your life.

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