Choosing the Right Wedding Dress to Flatter Your Figure

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Choosing the right wedding dress to suit you best takes time and a lot of patience.  As we all have different body types, when shopping for our regular every day wardrobe we look for clothing that best compliments our figure.  This rule should also apply when purchasing your wedding dress.

There are many different body shapes such as straight, pear, hourglass, and triangle to name a few.  First, you need to find out which body type you have.   If you happen to be a pear shape with a wide hip area then an A line wedding dress would suit you best as it will flow away from the hip and midsection.  A peplum style wedding dress would also camouflage your hips and butt.  If you are small from the waist up then showcase that area by wearing a v-neck, halter or strapless gown and show off your slender upper body.

If you have a straight body type where the waist and hips are very close in similar size, wearing a straight dress is okay but you want it to be fitted so it does not just hang straight down on you.  Try a sash or belt to give a little contour between your waist and hips.

The best thing is to try a few different variations and see which one best compliments your figure, style and personality.  I have never seen a bride in all my years and said “boy she does not look good in that dress” So, when you look at yourself in the mirror you will immediately know which dress is for you.  Every bride is beautiful.

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