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Books related to weddings are eye candy for the bride and groom-to-be. Numerous smart ideas and tips are to be found. These reads will inspire you for sure.

Simple Stunning Weddings: Showers

By Karen Bussen

Of the many celebrations surrounding a contemporary wedding, the wedding shower is especially personal — and especially meaningful. As its name implies, it’s the occasion when friends and family gather to “shower” the bride — or couple — with love, laughter, tokens of affection, and heartfelt wishes for the future. It intensifies the excitement about the big day to come. And because it’s more intimate and less formal than other wedding-related events, the shower uniquely carries the signature of the friend who hosts it. Bringing together all the elements that make for a successful wedding shower — one that’s memorable for everyone involved — is no small task. Selecting the right theme (elegant tea, homey brunch, swanky cocktail fête?) and then deciding on the guest list, designing the invitations, creating the menu, and picking out the decorations all require imagination and careful planning. In Simple Stunning Wedding Showers, author Karen Bussen draws on her long experience as a wedding and party planner to guide the shower- giver through each step, from budgeting and etiquette, to choosing refreshments that enhance the ambience, to devising activities that break the ice and heighten the fun. Throughout, William Geddes’s remarkable photographs bring the author’s simple, stunning ideas to vivid life.

Wedding Menu Ideas: Popular Foods for Weddings

By Modern Cuisine

The wedding banquet or dinner is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. The choice of foods may be dictated by personal traditions and customs and may vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. For most cultures, the wedding food is a very important part of the ceremony, as it is a thank you to your guests for honoring your special day and it also allows for a light-hearted end of day soiree where family and friends can mix, talk and interact. This publication will help you make the right food choices for your special day — whether it is a no-expense- spared spectacular or a less formal, laid back occasion. The right food for your wedding starts here.
Helping you choose a menu that is guaranteed to impress. W Compiled by R. Legault.

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