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Eight Non-traditional Places to Get Married

Everyone craves a bit of originality on their big day, right? Right. However, some couples are going to some (quite literally) dizzying heights -and subterranean lows for that matter- to say their vows. Take a look at the list below and see whether you would consider any of these alternative ‘venues’ for your ceremony.

Bungee Jump
The adrenalin junkies’ dreams come true.  Bungee jump weddings are not as uncommon as you may think, as evidenced by the number of providers of the service.  Why not take the ultimate leap of faith and fall some 100-700ft through the air: “I DDOOOoooooooo!”

Fast-Food Restaurant
Cheap food, venue hire, service with a smile, high fat, salt and cholesterol. What’s not to like? A couple famously tied the knot in Taco Bell in January of 2009 wearing the brand’s trademark purple and pink for the ceremony. Would you like fries with that?

The Office
Putting on a wedding takes a lot of work. Well, you could take the work out of venue shopping and be united at your office. Keep one eye on your desktop with the ultimate workaholic’s wedding. Risk: fiancé(e) may decide to stay at home- it’s a Saturday after all.  

Oxygen tank? Check. Wetsuit? Check. Goggles? Check. Future wife? Glugglugglugglug. Beach weddings are sooo 2011, so why not step it up a notch and take a figurative and literal plunge into the deep blue, finding happiness (and Nemo) whilst you’re lauding your underwater love.

In the Deep-Freeze
Your search for your “something blue” is over now that certain venues around the world (Absolut Icebar, London (England), Hotel de Glace, Quebec) are allowing couples to wed in sub-zero temperatures; the something blue is you! Sparkling crystalline surroundings, ice glasses, iced champagne and iced b-b-b-enches might have teeth chattering, but the warmth of your love should see you through. Aww.

Dollar Store
Economic crisis? Pah! Extreme budgeting has arrived in the shape of the dollar store wedding. Famously (infamously?) carried out in a Los Angeles branch, a local designer used the store’s inventory to decorate the space and even create wedding dresses for the nine weddings that took place there.

Roller Coaster
Prepare yourself for the ups and downs of married life. Nostalgic New Yorkers and roller coaster enthusiasts are signing up to take their vows at the foot of Coney Island’s 83 year old wooden Cyclone. After the ceremony, they then take a spin on the ride with the wedding party crammed into its 12 tiny cars. Buckle up!

Mount Everest
This one is generally not recommended due to risk factors as lack of oxygen, freezing temperatures and risk of death. However, it has been done. Nepalese couple Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati made the mammoth climb to the summit of the world, taking a ten minute break from their oxygen masks to say their vows. A long way down before the reception and a well-earned glass of champagne though!

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