Expert tips for winter skincare

winter skin care

Expert tips for winter skincare

A good skin care regimen is important all year long, but a drop in humidity and temperatures during the fall and winter seasons can set the scene for dryness and irritation. In a recent survey, 68 per cent of women across Canada said that when purchasing skincare products, the most important issue is dry skin.

According to dermatologist Dr. Paul Cohen, effective moisturization is the key to preventing dry, dehydrated skin. He explains that skincare oils can play a role in the maintenance of healthy skin, particularly during the dry, cold weather months. “When oil meets skin, an amazing thing happens,” says Cohen. “Oils such as Bio-Oil can hydrate and help balance the skin while providing a barrier to protect against the elements and seal in moisture.”

Products like Bio-Oil have helped consumers become more comfortable with using oils for skincare because it’s light, non-greasy and safe for sensitive skin. In recent years, new choices have appeared in skincare aisles, with the latest being Lipidol, an entire range of skincare oils designed to supplement the skin’s own natural oily layer.

Cohen cautions that without proper care, dry skin can reach a point where moisturization is ineffective and other treatments may be required. “Dry skin, particularly the hands, can worsen over time, become cracked, chafed, red and itchy,” he says. “You always want to prevent a breakdown of the skin barrier because this is when skin can become prone to dermatitis and infection. Preventing moisture loss is important to help keep the skin smooth, supple and in top shape.”

For smooth, silky skin, try replacing your usual cream or lotion with a moisturizing skincare oil this winter.

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