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Haute couture has staked a claim in the wedding dress world. Weddings are no longer about a bride’s dream of having a day where she feels and looks like a Disney princess. While it’s still a popular wedding look, modern brides are moving away from the traditional princess look to something more sophisticated. More and more, we are seeing bold fashion choices by brides looking to imbue their wedding day with personality and flair.

The wedding dress is an opportunity for each bride to let their personal beauty shine with a design that complements their style and personality. It is the perfect expression of haute couture — creating a unique look for your body. Think of the sumptuous opulence of the wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians, the bride walking confidently down a flower-strewn aisle submerged in water; it was her striking non-traditional dress that was the undeniable focus of the moment.

Suit Up

Pants were once viewed as transgressive in traditional circles, but high fashion is all about breaking the rules. Jumpsuits have made their way from everyday fashion to the bridal stage. A sleek white jumpsuit exudes effortless cool. Capture the essence of romance with a lace fabric or go for a retro vibe with sequins and beading. You’ll easily transition to the dance party portion of the evening.

Luxurious Silk

Raw silk is a trend that is showing up in many fashionista wedding styles. There’s something about the raw, untouched edge that carries with it an air of refinement. It’s often the fabric of choice for vibrant Indian wedding garments, but the luxe textile has been popping up in Western styles. Raw silk can add a freshly unstructured facet when it is used as an overlay and peeks just above the neckline.

Cape over Veil

Be a glam superheroine on your wedding day. The cape is a bold fashion statement in any context, even more so while gliding down the aisle. Choose a lace or tulle cape that will cover the shoulders for a religious ceremony, while exuding elegance. Another trend? Brides choosing to forgo the veil. You’re the star of the day, you don’t need anything competing with your fabulous combination of dress, hair and makeup.


In an age where barely-there fashion runs rampant and strapless styles reign tried and true, the elegance of sleeves is timeless. With such a wide variety to choose from — puffed, hanging, cold shoulder, three-quarter-length, to name a few — your choice of sleeves will wow your gathered guests. Whether your wedding is indoors or outside, it’s the perfect springtime look.

A Modern Take on Modesty

Call it the Meghan Markle effect. The Duchess of Sussex’s stunning Givenchy wedding dress shocked many for its beautiful simplicity. A boatneck neckline accentuates the collarbone while still exuding a sleek and sexy vibe. A silhouette that moves with your figure but doesn’t hug too tightly is modest yet polished. And, as we already mentioned, sleeves are the height of ladylike fashion. Perfect for the minimalist bride.

Bold and Bright Colours

Designers are having fun with colour and encouraging brides to choose something that’s a bit on the wild side. It can be as subtle as a hint of color in the details and as vibrant as layers of coloured tulle. These dresses are setting themselves apart from the standard crop of white/ivory/champagne.

Ready-to-Wear Makeup

Think of the walk down the aisle as your runway. Make your guests “ooh” and “aah” with a makeup look that expresses the unbridled creativity of fashion week styles. Try a red, fuschia or burgundy lipstick for a look that’s both glamorous and fashion-forward. Or play up your eyes with shimmery shadows and bold eyeliners.

Statement Hair

The chignon is quintessential and classic, a can’t-go-wrong style for brides with medium-to-long length hair. You can make it your own by adding some volume or giving your hairdo some texture. Or do something completely different from the norm, like a sleek ponytail or a smooth straight blowout with a center part. Keep any head accoutrements like tiaras or flower crowns to a minimalist style — you want all eyes to be on that stunning dress of yours.

Haute Couture ­— There’s a Style for All Figures

Haute couture (which translates to “high sewing” in English) specifically refers to garments made by hand using expensive, luxurious fabrics and tailored to one client. This means that everyone, whether small-figured or full-figured, can wear haute couture. It’s all about finding the silhouette and fit that accentuate the parts of your body that you want to highlight. With a couture gown that is tailored to you, you’ll shine in every Instagram post at any angle. It’s a chance to wear the dress of your dreams. Of any wedding day price tags, selecting an haute couture gown will live on in posterity as a wedding decision well made. This is an opportunity to bring your bridal vision to reality and model your look with utmost confidence and grace.

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