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Great Gatsby Wedding Style



Do you love the idea of have an exuberant, lavish, Gatsby-style wedding? You’re certainly not alone. You’ll find wonderful ideas everywhere from Pinterest to Buzzfeed. And you can get creative with everything from Deco invitations and decor to fashion and accessories. Champagne, pearls and feathers? Yes please!

You’ll find plenty of inspiration at “Dresses were sleeveless, shapeless, long or short slip gowns accented with beading, sequins, fringe, and some feathers. Rich jewel tones and soft pastels made the simplest of gowns look expensive. Add to that some lavish accessories such as a diamond tiara or headband, silk shawl, feather fan, long pearl necklaces, and gold arm bangles and you will look like a silent movie star!”


Flapper Dresses

Flapper dresses were straight and loose, leaving the arms bare (sometimes no straps at all) and dropping the waistline to the hips. Silk or rayon stockings were held up by garters. Skirts rose to just below the knee by 1927, allowing flashes of leg to be seen when a girl danced or walked through a breeze, although the way they danced made any long loose skirt flap up to show their legs. To enhance the view, some flappers applied rouge to their knees.[72][73] Popular dress styles included the Robe de style. High heels also came into vogue at the time, reaching 2–3 inches (5–8 cm) high.[63]Favored shoe styles were Mary Janes and T-straps in classic black, gold, silver, or nude shades.


Coco Chanel

As it notes in Wikipedia, “Gabrielle Chanel, also known as Coco Chanel, was one of the most enigmatic fashion figures of the 1920s. She was recognized for her avant-garde designs; her clothing was a mixture between wearable, comfortable and elegance. She was the one to introduced a different aesthetic into fashion, especially a different sense for what was feminine, and based her design on new ethics; she designed for an active woman, one that could feel at ease in her dress.”

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