Grooming for Grooms | 5 grooming basics all men should know

5 grooming basics all men should know5 grooming basics all men should know

In the past, the art of grooming facial hair was generally passed down from father to son. For better or for worse, grooming lessons were at the mercy of how skilled – or unskilled – dad was with the shaver. With the proliferation of social media, however, gone are the days when you could only learn about hair maintenance at dad’s elbow. Trend setters and grooming experts now are able to provide tips and tricks to viewers and shed light on grooming tips – both new and old.

Jason Culala of Original Grooming Experts in Toronto, is just one of the many experts who is passionate about this topic. “I’m a firm believer that grooming maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated and familiarizing yourself with the basics is the best place to start.”

Here are Culala’s five top tips:

1: All facial hair is different. Some men have sparse hair, some fuller. While others are fine and straight and others thick and curly, the key to grooming is to understand your own needs and find a style that works best with what nature gave you.

2: Invest in quality tools. Good tools, including shavers, scissors, combs and hair products, will ensure you get great results. Culala says he relies on Philips’ wide range of shavers and groomers for face, body and head, all of which keep men looking fresh from head to toe.

3: When trying to achieve fuller looks like beards, moustaches or goatees, be patient and know that you have to commit to a certain growth period. A bit of general maintenance around the edges can help keep things tidy during the in-between stage and reduce unruly hairs.

4: Don’t ignore the hair on your body. This grooming is just as important as the style you sport on your face. Look for shavers that come with additional attachments to take care of down-there-hair like the industry popular, Philips Multigroom 7000.

5: Become your barber’s best friend. Establishing a relationship with your barber will help you get guidance on at-home style and maintenance. Get your barber to start you off with a style or shape you can easily maintain at home and ask for tips on how to do it well.

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