Wedding Planning

Barnyard Bride?

By Bailey Grose, courtesy of Bailey's Brides

One of the biggest wedding trends right now is "rustic". It most likely stemmed from brides being more frugal about wedding planning. Cutting corners here and there by taking flowers from your garden for a natural looking bouquet, wood from a fallen tree to make stands and table numbers and backyards of family or old barns to escape the costs of venue fees. Its all a great idea.

The wedding industry has caught on though! and the big trend is barn weddings. I love them. Love. Love. Love them. Especially if the couple getting married is from a farm or the area and it has great personal meaning to touching is that? Since industry has caught on though, the "rustic" wedding has exploded. Its everywhere and its gorgeous (but not nearly as inexpensive anymore).

This post is nothing but inspiration for those who are taking the route of having a barn wedding….rustic simply works in no better place then in a rustic barn after all.


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