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Inviting Kids To Your Wedding

inviting kids


The presence of kids at your wedding can enliven the overall spirit of your festive day. However, you must be thoroughly prepared for this demographic of guests. Kids require extra attention and accommodations, which you should take into consideration. Consider what kind of meals, entertainment and amenities you can offer them. Also, keep in mind whether they will be involved in the ceremony and the extent of their participation. Here are some tips and ideas you should keep in mind, when you’re inviting kids and planning to have in attendance:


Chat with your caterer about kids’ meals. Many chefs can create specialized meals for your younger crowd. Make sure you check with the parents about any allergies and the food preferences for the kids. If your caterer doesn’t offer kids meals, set up a delivery of food, specifically for the kids. If you’re desperate, ask the parents to provide food for the kids. Though, you should only put the burden on them if you’ve exhausted every other option.


If a child has a role in the wedding, make sure they are thoroughly prepared. Little blunders of flower girls or ring bearers are endearing, though you don’t want things to go completely off the rails. Verbally communicate with the kids, before the ceremony. Let them know how excited you are for them to be involved and tell them how special their job is. This will help them take their responsibility seriously and prevent any mishaps. Also, chat with their parents about rehearsal. Ask the family to practice at home before the actual rehearsal ceremony. At the rehearsal ceremony, give the children a gift that is a token of your appreciation. The encouragement will help with their confidence and their overall performance on the big day. For more tips, visit One Country where they list advice on getting the ring bearer and flower girl down the aisle. Ultimately, be flexible. Things could go awry. A flower girl could have a temper-tantrum mid-aisle. Don’t let it ruin your day. It’s simply a risk of having children in your wedding.


Kids’ patience will be tested, with all the speeches and ceremony traditions. Make sure they have plenty of entertainment that will keep them occupied. Have your wedding planner or someone involved in the setup of the wedding, bring kids games and activities. Use printable word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, board games and outdoor, lawn games. If you have ample outdoor space, create a kids’ area. Set up a teepee, decorated with pillows and full of toys, where the kids can have their own play space. When you and your guests hit the dance floor, make sure the kids can dance along and get their wiggles out. Talk with the DJ and request that he provides a moment during the festivities, where the kids are asked to take center stage on the dance floor. This will make them feel like they’re involved and keep them entertained.


Hire a babysitter for your wedding event. The parents will greatly appreciate this gesture, so they can enjoy their time at the party. The babysitter can interact with the kids and provide them with activities and games. They can also keep a keen eye on the children and make sure they are safe. Have a kid-care area, so the sitter can keep track of each, individual child. You can find an event babysitter at or hire a babysitter referred by one of the families.

inviting kids

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