Joyous Fairmont Chateau Montebello Wedding Ceremony With Jewish Traditional Flair


You couldn't ask for a more idyllic day for an outdoor wedding. Set in the gazebo on the banks of the Ottawa river, the bride and groom sported huge grins during the whole ceremony. Joyous weddings like this one are so uplifting.

Negotiating winding country roads on the way to the Fairmont Chateau Montebello is always a challenge. You pass through villages where the local police wait to catch visitors speeding. I've been caught before and made sure I slowed through them. I felt pressed for time so I called the bride's dad to let him know where I was. He instructed me to relax as they weren't ready. I wasn't surprised to hear that because the bride has a reputation for being tardy.

Walking to the gazebo where the wedding was to occur, the bride's dad greeted me, stating that they were almost ready. The grounds were lushly green, the water on the Ottawa river was calm because we had little wind, the sun was just warm enough. It was perfect. The groom found me and filled me on details for the ceremony and flew off to coordinate some last second items. I set up my wireless headset with the DJ and was ready to go.

The procession was quite elaborate. It started with a gaggle of kids dancing down the aisle making huge soap bubbles to the tune of "I Think I'm Gonna Marry You" (Glee version). As Jewish tradition would have it, the men enter next led by the me.  I walked to the gazebo and found the rest of the men jiving down to Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon". The bride arrived by golf cart from the main building and looked radiant.

The gazebo served as a symbolic chuppa for the couple. Instead of a reading, there was a very special moment when the groom's daughter sang a song for them. A proud Dad, all teared up, mouthed the words "I love you" to her as she finished.  We went on to signing all the legal papers and exchange of vows and rings.

The moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. I declared them married as husband and wife! With final gusto, the groom shattered the glass with an enthusiastic Mazel Tov from the guests.

After a quick walk back through the aisle, the bride, groom greeted and hugged guests before taking pictures in the setting sun. I took my leave and retraced my drive through country roads and police hazards, carrying joy in my heart on the way home.

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