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Mother of the Bride (MOB) Basics


What to Expect as the “MOB”

Being the mother of the bride (MOB) is a big job, and one that has changed over the years, as brides and grooms become more and more hands-on planning their own weddings. While customs vary from family to family, here is a general guide of what’s usually expected from the MOB.

Your role

Be a crutch. Listen, advise when asked, and generally be supportive of your daughter during this exciting – yet often stressful – time.

Lend a hand. Offer and be willing to take on wedding planning tasks assigned to you.

Introduce yourself. If you haven’t already met, contact the in-laws as soon as possible and arrange a time to meet.

 Prepare the budget. Discuss and help finalize the wedding budget with the bride, father of the bride, and perhaps the groom’s parents. Learn more about which side traditionally pays for which items at a wedding.

Pick your attire. Help the bride find her wedding dress (if asked), and choose your dress as soon as possible after she’s finalized the rest of the wedding party attire. Consult with the bride first about her preferences for your dress. Contact the groom’s mother once you’ve picked your dress to politely inform her of colour, style, and formality.

Prepare your list. Compile the guest list for your side of the family, consulting with the bride on space and budget limitations. Be the main point of contact and handle any delinquent RSVPs for your side of the list.

Attend the pre-parties. This includes the bridal shower, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner. (You may even help organize these events.)

Spread the word. As friends and family members ask, tell them where the couple has registered.

Be the hostess. At the wedding reception, make sure guests are comfortable and greeted. Stand in the receiving line and sit at the parents’ table if there is one.

Hit the dance floor. Dance with the father of the bride and the groom during the first-dance sequence. W

  • Source: From the files of Ottawa Wedding Magazine. 

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