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Non-floral Wedding Bouquets

This image of Jessica Tyner’s wedding bouquet is by Powers Photography Studio.

by Diane Lynn Thomas

Flowers: Who says you have to carry them on your wedding day?  There are many hot and new trends for wedding bouquets … [and they] don’t have to be floral any longer.

Magazines and the Internet are filled with so many unique and different ideas for a wedding bouquet.  The custom beaded bouquets are growing in demand and are very original and authentic and gives a personal touch.

There is also the vintage brooch bouquet which is a collection of eclectic vintage brooches assembled in form of a bouquet.  You will see many brides going with this option, especially if the wedding has a vintage theme.

Lots of unique ideas for bouquets

For a winter-wonderland wedding how about a faux fur muff as you walk down that aisle?  Parasols, umbrellas or seashells can be carried for a beach or destination wedding.  If you are hosting your reception around the holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can create a fall bouquet of branches or beautiful ornaments.  What about the popular paper, fabric or button bouquets?  You can be assured it would be a one-of-kind arrangement that you design.

There are so many opportunities out there.  The nice thing to remember is the non-floral bouquet will last a lifetime.  You can place in a beautiful vase in your new home as a keepsake or pass it on to another family member as their “something borrowed.”

Diane Lynn Thomas has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, specializing in event planning and delivering the perfect wedding for the last fifteen in Canada. This post originally appeared at  I Just Said Yes

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