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Outdoor Wedding Tips You Need to Consider

Outdoor Wedding Tips You Need to Consider
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elegance 300x225 Outdoor Wedding Tips You Need to ConsiderOutdoor wedding receptions are becoming increasingly popular whether it may be in a private backyard, winery, local park, historic museum, beach or country club. The most important thing you must consider and be prepared for is inclement weather and having a backup plan in place. Never trust mother nature as she can surprise us at anytime.

An outdoor wedding can be beautiful and absolutely breathtaking depending on the venue you select. One thing couples don’t realize is sometimes the fees of an outdoor wedding can cost you more than doing it indoors. When you choose an indoor facility, most of the time, the tables, chairs, dishes, cutlery and glasses are all included. Some venues even provide the napkins and tablecloths too. If you are just booking the space of an outdoor location you may need to look at rental of dishes, cutlery, glassware,tables, chairs, linens, tent and dance floor. You may be surprised how fast these costs add up.

Depending on the time of month you select and the average temperature, do you need heaters or cooling fans. What about the preparation of your food? Is there kitchen facilities and what type of special permits, electrical, refrigeration or water access is required to handle food? Can you bring alcohol on the grounds and what type of license is required for this. What about ice and how to keep it frozen? Don’t forget about bathrooms and their locations. Is there enough space for your guests to park their cars? What do you do for lights late in the evening when it gets dark? Is their enough power source for your band or disc jockey. All of these questions are very good points you must think about before deciding to book an outdoor wedding. Ensure you look into all permits and noise restrictions as well. The last thing you want is someone to call in a complaint on the day of your wedding!

Insects can also play a huge part in any outdoor event so you need to consider citronella candles or bug zappers. When there is food or sugar around, ants, bees and fly’s will be heading that way. If you are offering a buffet then do your best to keep covers of all food trays when possible. What if it’s a windy day? Make sure your linens are properly secured in place and your centerpieces are not light weight. If you decided to purchase candles will they stay lit? Maybe you should consider the battery lit candle which would be perfect. Should you expect it to be a very hot and humid day ensure plenty of bottled water and refreshing drinks are on hand for the guests and keep a bottle of suntan lotion available to anyone who may need it.

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