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Plan B for Outdoor Weddings

Plan B

Make a Contingency Plan

An unexpected storm or late snowfall in the winter can wreak havoc on your outdoor wedding plans at the very last minute. Whether every forecast has predicted beautiful, sunny weather for every day in history of the particular date you’ve chosen, the unexpected can – and often does – occur. A contingency plan is the smart bride’s choice to ensure her day goes her way, no matter what.


Choose a location that is often used for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Book both locations for the wedding, if possible. Although that can get pricey, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Decorate the interior of your home if you are getting married in your own backyard. This can be seen as a celebratory measure if all goes as planned. Guests can move chairs, one by one, into the home, and sofas and chairs can be arranged indoors to make immediate accommodations.

Make sure to choose an indoor reception if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Book the reception for the time the wedding is scheduled to start. This will not be much more expensive as halls are often rented by the day. If possible, have the reception hall decked out early that morning (or the night before). Since it is prepared to hold all the wedding guests – and has the same decor – a wedding can easily be moved inside. It may lack the beauty and spark you were hoping for, but choosing an exciting and gorgeous locale for the reception can take care of those fears.

Rent a wedding tent. This is the smartest choice if you are having an outdoor wedding and are absolutely adamant about getting married at a certain location. Instead of postponing your wedding day, add a tent – it’s a worthwhile investment.

Let the bridal party and your immediate family know about the contingency plan. In case of an emergency, you are going to need help organizing all of the other guests.

Open communication is important when planning all aspects of your day. A Plan B is just good common sense! W

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Plan B

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