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Punch Up Your Wedding with Jorge Perez – Part 1: Using the 1,2 3 Rule

This is the first of three posts of a Canadian exclusive interview with Jorge Perez, Bridal Director for Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood China and Royal Doulton. Jorge talks about using the 1,2,3 Rule to punch up your wedding, making it a unique experience for your guests.

I was really ecstatic in having the opportunity to chat with Jorge PerezWedding & Red Carpet Gown Designer, On-Air Personality for Shop NBC and Bridal Director for Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood China and Royal Doulton. The interview was graciously made possible by the Linen Chest.

Jorge Perez de la Habana/photo by Lisa M. Barr

I caught up with Jorge as he waited to board a plane from New York to California. An engaging person, Jorge confided that his grandfather visited Ottawa from Havana many years ago because he could play hockey. We chatted for close to an hour and this is the first of three posts on the advice he gives to brides who want to punch up their wedding without spending gobs of money.

Jorge maintains that to punch up your wedding you need to do one to three unexpected things. Everyone reads the latest bridal magazines and has attended many weddings. Everyone expects the usual and traditional layouts and fare. However, with a little creativity, you can spice it up. Out of our conversation came the 1,2,3 Rule.

One. Do one thing that is outrageous. Some people go for a signature drink. Your one thing could be serving a greasy burger on a fine china plate. Or, if you are a little crafty, why not have paper plates with your monogram on it. Jorge has seen this done at million dollar weddings. Do one thing really out of the ordinary and splurge on it.

Two. Have two wardrobe changes. Go from your formal wedding attire to a casual one. Once the party starts you can be more relaxed. You don’t need to drag around that huge train of a dress all evening. It gives you more freedom to move around and visit with your guests. Bridal dresses are available where they can be converted into a party dress.

This McCaffrey Haute Couture wedding dress converts into a party dress.

Three. Have three different spaces in which to celebrate. This lets people move from one area to another. Changing the scene and decor from room to room increases interest. This fits in perfectly with on-location weddings that I perform. You can have the ceremony in one space, move to a bar area for cocktails and apps and then finish in the dining room for the party.

With this 1,2,3 Rule as a guide you can quickly add touches to your wedding that will make it memorable. As Jorge tells me, you don’t have to splurge on everything – just focus on doing a few things right.

Jorge Perez

In Part 2, I will focus on other aspects of decor and activities to punch up your wedding. Part 3 will be on Gift Registry advice. All suggestions are available in Ottawa’s two Linen Chest locations.

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