Raise a Glass to Wedding Plans … #wotw


Each Friday, #‎Ottawa sommelier Monique Ippolito introduces us to a new wine worth savouring and sharing. #wotw

by Monique Ippolito

Howdy folks! I have been having a fun time seeking out bargain wines this month, so here is another one for us! Five reasons why Rocca delle Macìe Chianti Riserva is our #wineoftheweek:

LCBO Vintages: 111641 | $13.95 (regularly $15.95)

1 – This #wotw totally fits the budget! As we continue to weather our January budget squeeze, here is something to enjoy as a couple without much added expense. Plus, buy before January 31 and get $2 off (regularly $15.95).

2 – It is an awesome table wine and a bargain for what it has to offer. This wine was vinified from a minimum 85 per cent Sangiovese grapes—Tuscany’s rock star red grape— and it carries all the fine qualities of a well structured Chianti.

3 – It’s yummy! This wine shows lovely notes of red cherry, mint, cedar and touch of dried herbs. The palate is medium bodied with medium tannins, a satin texture and highly mouthwatering acidity.

4 – With such a pronounced acidity this wine craves food! Enjoy a glass with your sweetie while you have dinner and discuss wedding plans! It happens to pair very well with many dishes including: tomato sauce based dishes, beef/lamb stews, slow roasted or braised chicken/turkey/pork/beef and (my favourite) pizza!

5 – It’s a terrific winter sipper! Ever in a mood to just relax and enjoy a sip of red wine to keep you warm?  Well this wine is not complicated; it’s simple yet elegant, and pairs very well with cozying up to a fireplace.



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