Robinson Limousine – Getting You There In Class & Comfort


Wow – I couldn't believe my eyes. A classic 1930's Excalibur Mercedes Benz from Robinson Limousine pulled up to the Bride (Boob) Friday photo shoot at the Museum of Civilization. I had to get in and admire this timeless classic while chatting with its owner Frank Robinson.

Frank started his limousine service thirteen years ago. He has grown his fleet to cover all the needs that a bride and groom would want for their day.

  • The most popular vehicle booked is the eight passenger limousine. It is a classic choice that is big enough to fit most brides and their parties.
  • Frank has noticed an increase in bookings for his two luxury SUV's that can hold either 7 or 14 passengers. SUVs are growing in demand because people use them for their high school grad parties and then, remembering the good times they had, will ask for the same thing for their wedding day.
  • For large bridal parties, Robinson Limousine has a 26 passenger bus limo that will carry you around town in safety and comfort.
  • Finally, there are two specialty Excaliburs for those who really want something special. He has a convertible model and one that holds six people.

Robinson Limousine aims to treat you with class and comfort by attention to detail. His vehicles are maintained in top condition with no dents, new tires and a good supply of champagne of course. He prides himself that his limos always arrive on time.

When I asked Frank  what advice he could give brides in seeking a limousine service for their wedding, he said:

  • Don't be disappointed – book early. In total, there are only about 60 limos in Ottawa and although weddings are a large part of the business, it is not the only clientele.
  • Inspect the condition of the vehicles. It is generally accepted that a limousine has a 5 year life. Anything older may not be as reliable and comfortable.
  • Make sure your vendor has backup vehicles in the event that yours may break down. Uncontrollable break downs do happen and you want to make sure that they can provide another limo immediately.

All good points to consider. I've seen some limos in pretty sad shape when I meet the bride at the venue. Like everything else for your wedding day, careful planning and choosing of vendors, including limousine services, will ensure a happy nuptial.

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