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Shoes Optional: Fun of a Cottage Wedding


Do you both love summer, water sports and all things cottage-related? Why not have a cottage or cottage-style wedding? It can be a wonderful and memorable celebration for all involved.

The ambience is fun and informal, and the gorgeous, natural, waterfront setting serves as a beautiful backdrop for the bride, the ceremony and the festivities to follow. If you’re planning a small, intimate affair, you can use the family cottage, borrow a friend’s or arrange a rental.

If you’re planning for a fair number of people, consider a rustic, waterfront cottage resort. Guests can rent cabins onsite if they wish and stay overnight. Make sure there’s enough outdoor space to have the service, dinner and reception outdoors. And rent a tent, so you’re covered in case of rain.

Here are some ideas to elevate your day:

Wildflower or casual bouquets and floral arrangements.



Fireworks over the water.

A barrel of flip-flops for guests to use.

Photos on the dock, by the water’s edge and in a boat, if possible.

Traditional summer treats: sophisticated adult popsicles, popcorn, home made squares and cookies.

A campfire, if allowed.

Live music/guitar.

Stock up on sunscreen, bug repellent and bottled water, and have some extra shawls and sweaters on hand in case it gets cool in the evening.


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