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Show You Care: Bridal Party Gifts

bridal party gifts

Wedding Gifts That Count

When choosing gifts for the bridal party, select items that are not only fitting for the occasion, but also useful and meaningful. This is not the time to skimp, but at the same time there is no need to blow the bank.

Here are a few tips for finding great gifts for your bridal party without putting a major dent in your overall wedding budget.

Tip 1: Keep in mind the wedding them and level of formality

Choose gifts that fit with the theme of the wedding. For example, flip-flops and other beach attire for a beach- themed wedding, or pretty jewellery and accessories for a fairytale-themed wedding are both great ideas.

Tip 2: Reflect yourself in the gift

Incorporate something about you and your relationship into the gifts. Are you both into going “green” and being environmentally friendly? Then put your gifts into reusable shopping bags or include certificates to “green” stores. Are you musicians? If so, include something in your gift that speaks to this.

Not all bridal gifts have to be the same. Golf tee gift sets can be great for someone who likes to golf. By first thinking about the two of you as a couple and then relating to the person who is getting the gift, you should be able to come up with some unique and interesting ideas for the people on your list.

Tip 3: Make it personal

Think about personalizing your gift to demonstrate that the recipient means a lot to you. There are many spots where personalization can be done easily and quickly. Engraving on metal, for example, is relatively inexpensive and can typically be done when you purchase the item.

Tip 4: What does your gift say?

Bridal party gifts are going to say many things: about the theme and formality of your wedding; about you and your spouse-to-be; about the relationship you have with the person who is receiving the gift; and about showing the recipients they mean a lot to you. Think about exactly what you want your gift to say.

By using your own creativity, you’ll snag the perfect gifts for everyone on your bridal party list. W

Compiled by R. Legault.

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