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Staying True to Yourself in a Relationship

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Being in a relationship is about combining two lives. During this integration, it can be difficult to hold on to your true self as you’re introduced to your partner’s life. Here are some tips to help you continue embracing yourself and never lose sight of who you are.

Keep in Touch With Family and Friends

If anyone knows you better than you know yourself, it’s your family and friends. Staying in touch, spending time together and reminiscing with your loved ones is a great way to remind yourself what matters most. Even though you’re becoming part of another family and making new friends, you shouldn’t forget about your past.

Instead, try integrating family holiday gatherings and introducing your friend circles. These simple steps make the roller coaster, also known as a relationship, a much smoother ride when you’re surrounded by your family and friends.

Don’t Let Go of Your Hobbies

Maybe your significant other is really into camping, hiking and the great outdoors, and you’re more of a city person who loves to explore urban landscapes, hang out at coffee shops and check out new restaurants and clubs. Dating someone who has different hobbies does not mean you should go out and buy hiking shoes and a new tent, unless you truly want to.

It’s OK to like different activities and to spend time apart doing them. Don’t give up the things you enjoy just because your significant other isn’t interested. And definitely don’t lie about your hobbies and interests just to impress someone.

Compromise but Don’t Settle

Relationships are all about compromise, but this should not be misconstrued for settling. Compromise where you can with your partner, but when you feel strongly about an idea or belief, it’s OK to stick to your guns. If you’ve never been a fan of Chinese food and your significant other wants to take you to his favorite Chinese restaurant, give it another chance. Compromise with him.

But if your significant other insists on having a television in your bedroom and that’s a no TV zone for you, it’s OK to voice your opinion and be firm about your feelings. To stay true to yourself, you have to be able to disagree with your partner and not settle on matters that are truly important to you.

Don’t Lose Your Style

You’re dating someone with a classic preppy style, which happens to be the exact opposite of your laid-back boho style. They say opposites attract, right? Your clothes and style are a direct representation of who you are, and by no means should you change how you dress based on the person you’re dating. If you love wearing a different color pair of Vans on your night out, your partner should embrace that part of you. It’s important to appreciate each other’s differences, and maybe you’ll convince your partner to rock a pair, too.

Keep Your Eyes on the Grand Prize

If you really love someone, you’ll find ways to compromise and make it work. It’s okay to spend Easter or Passover with his family if they host a get together each year. It’s okay to strap on a backpack and head out into the backcountry for your first time, and it’s even okay to embrace the prep within and shop at J. Crew. Just be sure you’re not compromising your life goals for your relationship. In fact, you should support each other to accomplish goals and never let the relationship stop you from reaching new heights.

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