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You said Yes! You’re sporting a beautiful new sparkler, you’ve shared the great news with your families, you’ve even set a date, booked an officiant and a venue, and asked your besties to be in your wedding party.
Better yet, you’ve done tons of dress shopping and you’re pretty sure you’ve found THE ONE. So it’s time to go about tackling the other important details that will really make your special day distinctively about you and your unique sensibility. Do you have a theme in mind? What about colours? Bridesmaid dresses and tuxes? The decor? Food? Flowers? Are you aiming for a look that’s rustic, boho, romantic, elegant, glamorous, traditional or trend-setting?

It’s a good idea to establish the look, colours and style elements before you consult with the professional who’ll create your wedding cake. But don’t leave it too long or you may not be able to work with the designer of your choice to achieve the cake style you want. Since the cake is typically a key element of the festivities, booking it is not something you do a couple of months before your big day. Along with your other wedding-related meetings and appointments, book a consultation with your cake pro as soon as possible.

And do y0ur homework before you meet. Compile an IRL scrapbook of fave wedding cakes you’ve seen in magazines and wedding style books. Do the same online. Pin your top picks to a Pinterest board or simply put them in a folder on your desktop. And make a list of what you like in terms of colours, shape, the number of tiers and the type of embellishments. Also, check the photo gallery of the your cake pro’s website. Is there anything there that strikes your fancy?

Is there anything specific you want incorporated into your personal design, such as ribbon or lace or an element that represents your theme? And what flavours do you want? Do you want a different flavour for each tier? Talk to your cake pro, give her or him a sense of what you’re after and then trust the artist to do her or his best work to make your wedding cake beautiful and delectable.

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