Wedding Planning

The Bride’s Emergency Bag


by: Diane Lynn Thomas

Wonder what I am talking about?  The bride’s wedding bag is usually filled with all the necessities a bride may need for her big day. No one wants to experience a last minute emergency but you should be prepared just in case!  You should have it ready to go a couple days before the wedding so your not running into a local drug store on the way to your ceremony or reception.

Give this task to your MOH to prepare for you and ensure it gets placed in your form of transportation.  Also have her prepare a list of all of your vendors and contact names / phone numbers.  Should something come up at the last minute you will be able to give them a call.

Here are some helpful items that you can pack:

  • Bobby pins, tape, band aids, talcum or baby powder to help disguise a stain

  • Slippers to change into when you have a moment to sit

  • Brush, feminine products, medicine, easy carry on snacks, toothbrush

  • Toothpaste, mouthwash, sewing kit, straws and bottle of waters

  • Extra earring backs, make up, panty hose and clear nail polish should you get a run

  • Mirror, any legal documents, Kleenex should you shed a tear and of course your speech.

Many of the items can come in handy not only for the bride but the bridesmaids and possibly a wedding guest.  Even the groom can have a smaller version of an emergency kit that your bridesmaids can prepare for him.

This is one accessory that bride’s should not go without.  You know the American Express credit card commercial “never leave home without it”?  Well, this  applies to your emergency wedding bag. The best result is… the contents were never used and you just take it back home with you!

Diane Lynn Thomas has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, specializing in event planning and delivering the perfect wedding for the last fifteen in Canada. Her blog can be found at:  I Just Said Yes

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