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Is or Was your Wedding a Dream Come True?


Is or Was your Wedding a Dream Come True?

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Is or Was your Wedding a Dream Come True?

The last of the guests walk out the door, the venue staff packs up your items, and your family members are loading up the car with gifts.  You and your husband make your way out after a magical evening, stop and look back, and realize the night has come to an end.  You wake up the next morning and start your new life together.

Following the wedding, did you ever regret anything you did or did not do?  Was your dress not exactly what you planned?  Was the food and beverage not ample for all the guests?  Did everyone enjoy the venue selection?  Did the day run smoothly?

It is very normal for a bride to look back on the big day and wonder – what if?  It is perfectly okay to ask yourself a few questions, but you should not second guess any of your decisions.  Remember that hopefully, you were in complete control of the outcome, and should be very pleased with how everything worked out.  And maybe the flowers that had to be flown in from Europe just couldn’t fit your budget, but the ones you choose were probably perfect for you.  It’s really not a big deal if one of the napkins was not folded properly, but these are the little things that only the bride will notice.  Do not spend time and stress worrying about small details like that.

I’ve seen it countless times – everyone gets caught up with the word “wedding” and immediately think it has to be lavish and extravagant.  The truth is, it’s all about the people in that room and the love you will share with them.  Things like reality television, social networking, royal weddings, and the “hot trends” of the year have warped the minds of many brides into thinking they absolutely need a Cinderella experience on their big day, and it causes them grief if they cannot have it.  But it must be remembered that this can be achieved in ways other than with decorations, cakes, and a ball gown.

Do not look back on the things you “should have” done.  It really is not worth it.  Twenty years from now, when you look back at your wedding video and photos you should not see regret, but love.  And you may even have a good laugh at a few things, as trends are constantly changing.  Even my own colour selection from my wedding twenty years ago shocks me today…pink and royal blue! I would never have chosen those colours today, but I certainly don’t regret a single thing.

More important than the tablecloths or the bridesmaids’ gowns will be the love shared between the bride, groom, family and friends.  If you are feeling any negativity after the wedding, try to clear those thoughts immediately and think only of love.  You did the very best you could, and I’m sure it turned out to be absolutely amazing.

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