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Wedding Fun with Selfie Stations and Photo Booths


Wedding pics have never been so fun. The formal images shot by your professional photographer are what you’ll treasure for decades to come, but you and your guests can also have a blast with on-site snapshots while your festivities are underway. Whether you choose to rent a photobooth or create your own “selfie stations” there’s a lot of fun to be had personalizing it/them to suit your own occasion. You can make props, including speech bubbles and thought clouds, and different backdrops to fit the colours, style and theme of your wedding day.

According to Lindsay Ruck, “These days, it’s rare to attend an event which doesn’t include a photo booth. It’s an easy form of entertainment and gives guests something else to do when in need of a break from mingling. Technology wizards have gone one step further by creating the selfie station. It’s quick, easy, and offers immediate digital results.

As opposed to having one small booth set up in your venue, display different backdrops around the room – complete with props – where guests can get together and snap a pick or two.”

As Ruck points out in a story in the fall issue of Ottawa Wedding Magazine, “Budget-conscious couples love the selfie- station as it’s a cheaper alternative to the photo booth. No need to hire an added photographer or coordinate with a company to roll in a large photo booth the morning of your wedding. The selfie station is maintenance-free and ridiculously fun.”

The dollar store is a great place to find props and accessories, from hats and wigs to clown noses and feather boas. And if you’re short on plans, Pinterest offers a treasure trove of creative ideas and possibilities. There’s info about everything from how to design and hang a dazzling backdrop to how to put together a tissue tassel garland.


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