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Wedding and Late Night Snacks

I now pronounce you…hungry!
courtesy of I Just Said Yes

You may have started the reception with butler passed appetizers and then had guests seated for a lavish meal.  Later in the evening you set up a pastry table, or candy bar with your wedding cake for all to enjoy.  Do you think this is a lot of food and everyone is more than satisfied?  The answer is yes but the late night snack table is more popular than ever.  You want to select very casual type of foods.

Usually around 11 or 11:30PM some type of snack item is brought out for the remaining guests to enjoy.  There are so many different things you can serve but I have found the most popular  this past year in Ontario, Canada has been McDonald’s cheeseburgers.  Did I say McDonald’s?  How many times after a late night wedding or party have you gone through the McDonald’s drive thru.  Well, this too is great for weddings.  In my hometown, the nearby McDonald’s will deliver cheeseburgers to the reception halls.  The guests can smell the burgers when they arrive and devour them within minutes.  Not a very healthy choice but a fun one.

Pizza is still very popular but we are also seeing some new ideas such as hot dogs, french fries, nacho bar, sliders and extremely long submarine sandwiches.

It’s also a nice touch to display your pastry table and midnight snack on your table menu.  You would be surprised how many guests really do read this and will remember to look for that yummy evening snack.

When ordering, base it on 50% of your guest list as many start to leave around 11:00PM. It’s best to run out then have to pack it up and take it home.   Remember, it’s not a feast but a little something  fun for the guests to enjoy.

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