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When life gives you lemons

By Bailey Grose of Bailey's Brides

As a wedding planner I love to think outside of the box. Coming up with a unique way to show wedding guests who the bride and groom are and adding a special touch to their day, makes my day!

One item I love to work with is fruit! It seems a little odd but they carry so much colour, are fairly easy to work with and sometimes they add a great scent to the room. I have worked with incorporating grapefruits, apples and even watermelon into a wedding theme before and as odd is it may sound, it always turns out fabulous.

Now here is a personal confession from me….I love lemons. Anything citrus. I have lemons in my water, I'm a huge fan of the chewy coconut lemon cookies I made the other day and I am a huge supporter or lemonade. So…….a wedding with lemons, just seems so sweet 🙂

To incorporate fruit, or lemons in the case, the first option would obviously be the colour. Yellow.

To have a consist theme of yellow, lemons, fruit, fresh or citrus it does not have to be completely overwhelming to get across. Maybe it is just the colour you would like to incorporate, the shape or even the texture. I am a huge fan of having the actual lemons everywhere!



Using lemons in a wedding adds a light and fresh take to your wedding. It is also a fairly in expensive accessory to use but does wonders at your reception or ceremony.

Have fun with your wedding and think a little "out of the box" when coming up with a day that reflects your and your significant other.

Happy Planning!

Photos courtesy of: Brittany Janelle Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Red Tree Photography and Erin Jean Photography

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