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Will You Take This Man to be Your Step Father? I Do!

by: Chloé Taylor

A touching story in honour of step fathers to be

It is quite common these days for weddings to include the children of either the bride or groom or both. As families have evolved, so have weddings, and including your child in your ceremony can be a very special moment for both the new step-parent and the children. In honour of Father's Day this weekend, I thought I would share a touching story from a friend's recent wedding.

My friend recently married and her betrothed wanted to do something extra special for his step-daughter-to-be. After the bride and groom had exchanged their vows, the groom called up his lovely 7 year old step-daughter and the officient performed an exchange of vows between the two of them. The ceremony included a ring for the little girl and a touching speech from the groom about his commitment to both her and her mother. After promising to care for them both for the rest of his life, he lifted her into his arms and, hand in hand with his bride they were pronounced as husband, wife and daughter. The crowd of onlookers, tears in abundance, cheered and applauded. What a wonderful alternative to having the child as a ring bearer.

Happy Father's Day!



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