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The Marriage Map: The Road to Transforming Your Marriage From Ordeal to Adventure

By Michael Grossman, M.D. and Barbara Grossman, Ph.D.| Silver Torch Press

In The Marriage Map: The Road to Transforming Your Marriage from Ordeal to Adventure, Michael and Barbara Grossman provide a vision of the inevitable developmental crises that couples face, along with the skills and perspectives required to foster a forever love with your significant other.

With advice rooted in a successful 45-year marriage that is still romantically inspired, plus 25 years of teaching marriage classes, they inspire readers to create and maintain romantic partnerships long after the ‘I do’s’ have been said. Unique to relationship books, The Marriage Map offers a clear presentation of developmental stages
in a relationship. “By providing step-by-step stages of relationship development and ways to tackle obstacles within these stages,” says Dr. Barbara Grossman, “couples are taught how to work together instead of individually. By working together to empower one another and communicate, couples can learn to fall in love with their current partner over and over again, navigating relationship changes as a partnership.”

The Knot Yours Truly: Inspiration and Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding

By Carley Roney | Clarkson Potter

Want to imbue your wedding with unmistakable, signature style? You’ll find lots of inspiration in The Knot Yours Truly. From the big-ticket items to the nitty-gritty details, this book offers all the know-how you need to share and celebrate the best of who you are as a couple, and also host a wonderfully memorable day. As cofounder of The Knot, Carley Roney is a consummate expert in all the frills and practicalities of designing wedding festivities that are distinctive, captivating and personal. You’ll find fun ideas about everything from your cake and invitations to your centerpieces and ceremony. There are even DIY craft projects to tackle, so, for instance, if your beloved pooch is part of the proceedings, you can whip up a macrame leash.

Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist

By Amanda Pendolino 

For handy and humorous advice from wedding-day vets, including real brides, grooms and vendors, check out Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist. Light-heartedly covering the gamut from dress shopping and vendor gratuities to managing woes within your bridal party, this book is also an inspiring survival guide for navigating today’s wedding culture. “When I was asked to serve as maid of honour for my best friend and my sister at the same time, while going to seven other weddings in two years, I accidentally became a wedding expert,” explains the author. “Think of me as your honourary, unbiased maid of honour.”

The Gown

Jennifer Robson

If you’re still searching for your “it” dress, put your feet up, relax and bask in a fictional account of the extraordinary efforts to fashion a royal wedding dress. Rather than a how-to wedding guide, this novel by Canadian author Jennifer Robson is a fascinating and romantic look at the historic majesty of such a wedding gown. The Gown is based on Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947, and, more specifically, the fascinating women at the famed fashion house of Norman Hartnell who worked on her dress, which was one of the most famous wedding dresses of the twentieth century. Once you read about this effort, you’ll be re-inspired to find “the one” that’s right for your extraordinary day.

Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits

By Reese Witherspoon | Simon and Schuster

As celebrity snapshots regularly reveal, Academy Award–winning actress and style maven Reese Witherspoon makes strolling down the street look absolutely fabulous. Imagine her talent when it comes to hosting a special occasion such as a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding? You don’t have to imagine. In Whiskey in a Teacup, Reese describes the southern parties, traditions and style she exemplifies with such charm and modern pizzazz. The beautiful photos, recipes, menus and advice provide great incentives to plan and host your own upcoming events with amazing grace and hospitality.

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