The Urban Element

Nothing brings people together like good food! Ottawa’s premier culinary team now provides their unique brand of handcrafted food, and warm, personable service...

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Real Weddings

Celebrating Cultures

Ronauq and Melissa | August 7 and 8, 2020 Photos by Kathi Robertson Weddings About a month after their engagement in September of 2019, Ronauq and...

Real Weddings

Love and Family

Lisa and Matthew | November 27, 2020 Photos by Celine, Barefoot In the North As a freelance wedding coordinator for 10 years, Lisa was able to put...

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Ideas and Inspiration

Fashion, Cakes, Dresses, Wedding Favours, Creative Venues and More.

Planning a petite or micro wedding, with your dream day to follow at a later date? Congratulations. Great plan! But what are you going to do about your makeup? Since restrictions on makeup services were in place for months, not lifting until last...

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