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Help Him Pick His Ideal Ring

You can pick your perfect wedding band no problem, but can he?

One of the great things about getting married now is that tradition is optional. When our parents got married, wedding bands were a standard yellow gold with little to no embellishments. Now, brides and grooms have tons of choices when it comes to the most significant piece of jewellery they’ll own.

Despite all of his options, not every groom is going to jump at the chance to go shopping for his wedding band. If your groom is one of those guys, he’s still going to need a ring when you exchange your vows. So, use the tips below to help him find the ideal ring for him—one that he’ll be happy to wear for the rest of your lives.

Size and taste Matter

Some couples like their bands to match but depending on your groom’s taste and the style of your engagement ring, that might not always work out. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a wedding band, is your groom’s line of work. Men who work with their hands in construction or other physical labour will need sturdier rings than those who work in offices. Your groom’s line of work will determine the type of metal in the band, the style of the band and other options like etching or stones. Typically, men’s bands are wider than women’s bands. They usually range in size between three and 10 mm.

If your husband has larger hands or thicker fingers, a wider band may look more balanced on him.

If he’s not used to wearing a ring, he might enjoy a comfort-fit band; one that’s rounded on the edges, so he doesn’t notice any rubbing. You and your groom’s cultural traditions may also play a role in the kind of band he chooses.

Different types of metals

On top of choosing which style of band he likes your groom will also need to decide which type of metal he prefers. There are lots of options, but you can help narrow his choices by keeping in mind your budget and how sturdy the ring needs to be. Below are common wedding band materials with a brief description.

GOLD—traditional wedding band material, lower karats mean stronger metal.

STEEL—contemporary and less expensive than precious metals, fairly strong.

TITANIUM—one of the strongest metals and a symbol of the strength of your love.

PLATINUM—luxurious, rare, high-end metal.

Styles of bands

Classic bands are usually rounded, highly-polished 14K or 18K yellow gold. Remember, the higher the karats in a gold band, the softer the metal, so if your husband is going to be doing a lot of work with his hands, a lower karat count is better. It’ll keep the ring from warping or bending while he’s working.

Two-tone bands symbolize the unity of husband and wife. Two-tone bands look just how they sound—they’re a combination of two different colors of metal, usually gold. Usually, two-tone bands are a combination of white and yellow gold, but combinations that include rose gold and platinum are available too.

Etched bands feature designs and patterns that are carved into the metal. Again, if your hubby is going to be working with his hands a lot, an engraved wedding band could get scratched or damaged. Common designs include knot-work, filigree and mil-grain (etched borders).

Your future husband may also choose to include gem stones in his wedding band. Most men will go for darker colored stones like onyx (black), ruby (red) or sapphire (blue) but diamonds and topaz (a variety of colors) are also popular choices.

Once your groom has chosen the perfect ring for him, you’ve got the option of having the band engraved. This can be something you discuss together or a special surprise for him on your wedding day. Many couples choose to have their bands engraved with their initials and their wedding date (handy for him when it comes to anniversaries!), while others choose a line from a favourite poem or song to personalize their rings. If you’re thinking about engraving his ring, be sure to discuss it with your jeweller first to figure out how much text can fit inside the band, what font will work and look best and if the engraver can handle special requests for lettering in different languages.

Remember, you’ll get your turn in choosing your wedding band, so be supportive in helping your husband choose his and it will be a piece of jewellery he’s proud to own and wear.

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