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Emilie and Jon got a professional video of their big day and they are thrilled with the outcome.

When Emilie and Jon decided to arrange a professional video of their June 2022 wedding, they hired Ottawa’s The Creator Flow,, to make it happen. “We really just wanted the memories,” this lovely bride and new mother says. “All we asked for is for them to capture the love between everyone on that day, and boy did they ever! We didn’t provide really any specifications or requests, and they blew it out of the water.”

Photos: The Creator Flow

“They” are Brandon Cheer, Evrick Kalugdan and Jean-Paolo Manuel, who co-founded The Creator Flow in the fall of 2021. Their company specializes in videography and filmmaking and will be offering photography packages in 2023. Though they don’t limit their work to weddings, Evrick says, “We treat every wedding video production as if it were for our own wedding.”

In the words of these pros, “Every couple has a unique and compelling story to tell. Our approach to creating wedding videos is through understanding how to best express the connection of two lovely people through an engaging, emotional journey as we capture their special day from start to finish.”

You feel the love

 “Personally,” Brandon mentions, “I like to include tighter shots that focus on capturing the intimacy between the couple.” Evrick adds, “I primarily focus on movie and film-inspired shots to tell a story. My goal is to make our audience feel like our productions are meant to be seen on the big screen.” And Jean-Paolo points out, “We’re aware that each couple has a different story to tell, which is why we take our time getting to know the bride and groom—to ensure we capture the moments that are most meaningful to them.”

Evrick calls the videos “timeless” and Brandon mentions he enjoys producing wedding videos that allow people to “relive the vast rollercoaster of emotions and memories” through sound design that enhances the visual experience. The impact is powerful. Ten years from now, Jean-Paolo explains, “I want couples to be able to look back and feel what they felt that day, all over again.”

While it has been less than a year since Emilie and Jon had The Creator Flow capture their wedding on video, they are thrilled nonetheless. “It is such a special keepsake for us,” Emilie says. Even their toddler is delighted. “Just recently Ava was watching it on TV and was pointing to herself and calling out her mom and dad. You don’t get that every day.”

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