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My Catering Group

Ottawa, Canada 4899 Uplands Drive K1V 2N6
The #1 Wedding Caterer in Ottawa

Known by wedding planners and couples in Ottawa, My Catering Group has spent years mastering our craft and understand the intricate details of a wedding. We strive to make sure everyone is served as efficiently as possible, and our staff are diligent in making sure each wedding guest is accommodated. Whether your wedding is big, small, formal, casual, indoors, outdoors, or out of town, we have the team to take care of you and your partner.

We define “catering” as an extension of your planning team

Food check, service staff check, tent, table, and equipment rentals, check mate. We’re not just “the food guys”… We like to think of ourselves as your wedding helper that will stray away from floral and decorations or whether or not you should get a band or a DJ. My Catering Group can focus on the food and dining side of things while you and your wedding party/new in-laws can focus on the rest!

We care about the catering details

We’ve done a lot of wedding catering gigs, and we know the importance of timing. We make sure the food comes out hot and ready with our state of the art food truck, the tables are cleared as efficiently as possible, and the snack bars comes out just in time for those late night cravings. We’ve worked with some of the most talented wedding planners in Ottawa, and we know how to keep things running smoothly.

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