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5 Ways to Enjoy Special Moments with Your Partner on your Wedding Day

Consider a first look.

By Kylie Fox

A wedding is all about celebrating the love and bond between two people. But with all of the hustle and bustle of the congratulations and celebrations, it can be surprisingly tricky for those two people to actually spend much, if any, special time together. Here are some tips for avoiding the end-of-day realization that you’ve barely seen each other.

Think about doing a first look

  • First looks are not for everybody, but there are some very big pros to seeing your significant other before you walk down the aisle. If you think back to some of the moments in your life when you have felt nervous, excited, or overwhelmed, who did you want to be with? If your partner comes to mind, consider planning a first look. Just seeing each other briefly can help ground you and bring you back to the present moment, so you can truly appreciate the meaning and magnitude of your special day. It is also the perfect opportunity to revel in the excitement of your big day together and create a memory (and photos) to last a lifetime.

Write love letters to each other

  • If you don’t want to physically see each other before your ceremony but would like to have some form of connection on the morning of your wedding day, take the time beforehand to write each other a letter. It can be comforting to read some special words from your partner in the moments before you make the trip down the aisle – and help calm any nerves. Reading these letters will also provide an opportunity for your photographer to snap a heartfelt photo, or for your videographer to record a voiceover to add to your wedding day film – another way to bring back some sweet memories as you reminisce on your special day years later.

Add alone time to your wedding day itinerary

  • Don’t be afraid to actually schedule some alone time into your day. Chances are that once you join your guests, you will be uber busy catching up and sharing toasts with family members and old friends. Try to fit in a quiet moment for the two of you between the I Dos and your reception. You could end your photo session with a few quiet moments together before joining your wedding party for the grand entrance. Or plan a separate mode of transportation for the two of you from your ceremony to your cocktail hour or reception venue. Consider stashing a bottle of bubbly there to share your first toast as a married couple together. Looking back, this might be one of your fondest moments from the day you started your new life together.

Consider a sweetheart table

  • Many couples feel compelled to interact with each and every guest during their wedding day, and dinner can be a prime time for this to occur. Particularly if you have gone straight from your ceremony to your photo session and to dinner, many guests may not have had the chance to congratulate you directly yet. Choosing a sweetheart table for your first meal together provides you with a private space for the two of you to retreat when not interacting with your guests. A sweetheart table also provides a level of intimacy that you won’t get sitting at a table with your wedding party or family. Not only can you share some special moments as you listen to heartfelt speeches, but you might actually be more able to enjoy your meal, which can often take a backseat.

Plan a special moment for after the reception

  • Wherever you are spending your wedding night, arrange to have a little surprise set up on your arrival. This could be some glasses and champagne for a toast, a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries, or a blanket with some flowers and some candles. Anything that encourages you to spend a few moments together. This is especially important if you haven’t had any other opportunities to connect with each other during your big day. You can then sit down, relax and enjoy each other’s company without the constant distraction of being pulled in all directions. End your day on a high note, while sharing your favourite memories of the day with one another.

No matter how you choose to do it, don’t forget to prioritize each other when it comes to time spent on your wedding day. After all the day is about the two of you joining together as one and committing to sharing incredible moments together for the rest of your lives – what better day to start than on your wedding day itself. Those moments, no matter how small, are sure to become some of your most cherished memories.

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