Let Sparks Fly as you Launch Married Life

There are many ways to get to know each other deeply.

As you sweat the details for your special day, don’t allow your romance to get lukewarm.
You may be distracted by the guest count or catering options, but put passion on a steady simmer, says Ottawa-based intimacy
expert Marie-Claire Thauvette.
The AASECT certified sexual educator is author of the bestselling Honeymoon Playbook: Your guide to scoring the best romantic
honeymoon ever! For now, though, she’s offering some smoking hot advice to stay focused on each other while you’re wrestling with the
wedding details.

“Simmering your partner” is one way to keep romantic feelings strong.

Her top tip? “Simmering your partner.” The relationship coach describes this as “sort of teasing them throughout the day.” Start the morning with some flirtatious banter, she suggests. “Say, ‘I’m preparing something special for you tonight.’ ” Then make it happen. It might be a special dessert for sharing, music and candles, a bottle of wine, any little extra to make your partner feel special. Later, send a sexy text. Keep up the banter and flirtation.

“They’re just small things,” she notes. But when you’re purposeful in making the effort, the impact can be huge. These gestures will make your other half feel valued. They’ll also keep you centered on each other, even when there’s friction over the guest list or the seating arrangements.

“Day-to-day romance is the key to a deep and lasting connection,” her Playbook suggests. “It is all about knowing your partner and truly making an effort to understand and appreciate the way they need to be loved.”

Touch all the things

Another “simmer” strategy? Marie-Claire recommends setting time aside to touch “all things” … without going all the way. To keep the
heat at a steady bubble right through your pre-wedding countdown, the educator also suggests you make your own To Do List to use along
with the Wedding To Do List. For every item you check off the wedding list, enjoy a private activity for two. For instance, when you book
the venue, book an after-work date. When you lock down the DJ, plan to slow dance by candlelight in the living room or bedroom. Find the
perfect dress and tux? Undress each other oh-so slowly. Order stationery? Write each other love notes.

The Honeymoon Playbook proposes a wide variety of activities, from daily sweet surprises, sensual massage and conversations to games
such as Kissing Cards and Slippery Wrestling. It also covers everything from anatomy to playful ideas to boost communication. In all,
Marie-Claire’s practical, positive book is about lighting “a romantic fire in your relationship that will last longer than any vacation tan.”

“Many studies report that hugging, touching, and kissing in public [are] key to staying connected in your marriage.” The Honeymoon Playbook

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