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June 28, 2014 – Mill Street Brew Pub Continue reading

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Always the Bridesmaid? You Can Wear the Dresses Again


“And you’ll be able to wear it again!” is a phrase often used around bridesmaids’ dresses. Because a ridiculously expensive lime-green taffeta shepherdess gown is appropriate for almost any occasion, and the Peter Pan collar is poised to make a comeback any century now. Continue reading

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Mother of the Groom Wants to Help with Your Wedding Planning


Courtesy of I Just Said Yes
Mother of the Groom wants to help. What do you do when your future mother-in-law wants to help plan your wedding? Continue reading

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Best Day Ever – Best Glamour Ever


By Rev. Alan Viau

The Best Day Ever wedding show was a sparkling event that had everyone thrilled. The events was organized by Meaghan at the Handmade Bride  and I was part of the stupendous team headed by wedding planner, Elise, of Toast Special Events. The result was that a new standard was set for glamour and romantic weddings in Ottawa. Continue reading

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Wedding Advice


I asked a few local married ladies a question. The question was “What’s some advice for planning a wedding that you wish someone had told you before you got married ?” Continue reading

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“Day Of” Wedding Coordinator Can Help Ease the Stress


Many couples will select a family member or close friend to head to the venue site on the day of the wedding.  However, think about is this person in the wedding party or not (usually they are).  Do they really have time for last minute running around? Continue reading

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How to apply true Holiday glam on-the-go


How to apply true Holiday glam on-the-go. We know you’re busy planning your wedding, but what about those holiday parties? Don’t fret, here’s some quick tips for make-up on the fly. Continue reading

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The Crucial 30 Minutes Before the Wedding


By Rev. Alan Viau

There is a lot of excitement building up to the wedding day. The frenetic pace and stress of planning are about to culminate. The wedding ceremony is the beginning of the festivities. The 30 minutes before the ceremony begins is when it all comes together or… needs adjustments. Continue reading

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5 Steps Towards Planning your Wedding


By Genevieve Pelletier

So you just got engaged, and are excited to start your journey?  Congratulations and welcome to the crazy world of wedding planning! You may feel overwhelmed with all the information flowing rapidly towards you, but let us help you narrow down where to start. Continue reading

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