Courtney and Phil


June 29, 2013 – GreyHawk Golf Course Continue reading

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7 Bridal Shower Games That Everyone Will Enjoy


by Lise Rina

Bridal shower games are something that you need if you are planning a bridal shower. In this article you are given seven of the top games used at bridal showers. They will really make your party a great success! Continue reading

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Planning Your Motorcycle Themed Wedding


Motorcyclists are a unique breed. The feel of the ride runs in the veins. Even special occasions take on the flavor of the open road. For a biker bride and groom, it makes sense to have the happiest day also be a bike-centered day. All of the traditions of a wedding still apply, but they need to pay homage to a motorcyclist’s legacy. From the announcements to the ride, a motorcycle-themed wedding can be classy, beautiful, and spectacular, if done right Continue reading

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Wedding Etiquette


By Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Wedding etiquette is a moving target these days, if it exists at all. Ask any wedding vendor and they’ll nod in agreement. Wedding invitation companies have seen it all and if you ask for their honest opinions, hopefully they can teach you some tricks. Continue reading

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5 Unique Wedding Locations in Canada


Are you one of the one in three Canadian brides considering a honeymoon that involves adventure travel? Adventure type honeymoons have increased to 40 percent since 2012, according to Weddingbells. Fortunately, brides-to-be don’t have to wait until after the wedding … Continue reading

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Craft your own beer


Fun loving DIYers who pride themselves on homemade quality and craftsmanship are extending this philosophy to a new outlet, namely ‘home brewing’. Best of all, this philosophy is also impressing their friends. Continue reading

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Your Honeymoon Budget


Courtesy of I Just Said Yes

Just as the wedding and reception budgets are made you also need to have a budget set aside for your honeymoon. Are you looking for a short weekend getaway, a tropical island, a drive along the California coast or a site seeing tour in Europe? Continue reading

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Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best: How to Make a Wedding Day Kit


When it comes to the big day, being prepared for anything is crucial. Get ready by gathering an emergency stash of essentials to prepare for any situation that arises. Continue reading

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After 25 Years, Sylvain and Marion Get Married


After being together for 25 years, with their grown kids present, Sylvain and Marion finally got married. Continue reading

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