Real Ottawa Wedding | Melayna and Dan

Real Ottawa Wedding | Melayna and Dan

November 10, 2014 – Strathmere Continue reading

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The Lord Elgin Hotel | Flexible, Affordable Wedding Accommodation

Lord Elgin hotel Ottawa

By Rev. Alan Viau
The Lord Elgin hotel is an Ottawa landmark. It is ideally located as guest accommodation for your downtown wedding. Still privately owned, the Lord Elgin hotel boasts impressive lodgings, flexibly and affordability. Continue reading

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Finding a perfect plus size wedding dress


By: Genevieve Pelletier
Photographer: Jonathan Kuhn Photography
To help you find the perfect plus size wedding dress, here are some very easy tips you can follow that will make the process much easier for you. Continue reading

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Should I book my wedding on a Sunday?


Courtesy of I Just Said Yes
Booking a wedding on the traditional ‘day of rest’ has long been a taboo but it is clear that Sunday weddings are becoming more popular than ever. Continue reading

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Wedding Ring Warming Yields Memory of a Lifetime


By Rev. Alan Viau
I suggest to brides and grooms the ring warming ritual in a wedding ceremony when they have an intimate affair. It is an excellent way to bring together all the good wishes of the day. For one bride, it anchored the memory of a lifetime. Continue reading

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DIY Rustic Fall Bouquets


By Genevieve Pelletier
How to make an inexpensive fall bouquet for your rustic wedding

How to make inexpensive fall bouquets for your rustic wedding

Continue reading

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10 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips


by Molly Hanzidiakou

Get your day planners ready, idea clippings organized and highlighters uncapped; we have a wedding to plan! Continue reading

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Best of Weddings 2014 | Bride and Groom


By Rev. Alain Viau

This is the time of year where I seek out the best weddings of 2014. Today’s post is on Bride & Groom. Continue reading

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How an online family helped plan my wedding


When it comes to wedding sites, there are thousands of them. There are great ones like the Ottawa Wedding Magazine Facebook page, and there are some awful ones that shall remain nameless. This is my experience with one such online message board that changed the way we planned our wedding, and changed my view of online forums. Continue reading

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