Real Ottawa Wedding | Rebecca and Christopher


June 6, 2015 – The Keg Manor Continue reading

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Tips for Planning a Wedding

tips for planning a wedding

Among the endless to-do lists and countless decisions to be made, you also need to make sure that your paperwork is in order, and that the person you’ve asked to perform your marriage ceremony is authorized to perform marriages in Ontario. Continue reading

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5 Tips to Make Your Backyard Wedding Classy and Memorable


Backyard weddings are wonderful for many reasons. In addition to being an economical (read: “free”) place to hold your ceremony, they offer the beauty of the outdoors, space for guests to mingle and access to the house for getting dressed. Continue reading

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Jumping the Broom Pagan Wedding


A pagan wedding may seem like a mystery to some brides and grooms. To help dispel myths I reproduce here Mel and Kai’s wedding which occurred in a park around Ottawa. Continue reading

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Religious differences and your wedding

Religious differences

Before a couple discusses specific wedding plans, they need to sit down and talk about their religious beliefs. As interdenominational weddings have become more popular, conventional weddings have become more complicated. The couple needs to have an open discussion on both their wedding ceremony, and their upcoming lives together. Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Home Hair Colouring


Luis Pacheco, Clairol’s Consulting Colourist, offers some tips to ensure women get the hair colour of their dreams. Continue reading

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Choosing Your Wedding Colors for 2015


Choosing the perfect colors for your wedding reception may seem like a daunting task, but these days, it’s actually easier than ever! Continue reading

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Book Review | Wedding Bliss on a Budget


It is always a struggle for brides and grooms – getting the wedding of their dreams vs the budget they have. Wedding Bliss on a Budget is a must-have slim book that delivers the essentials on how you can achieve both. Continue reading

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Setting the Date


Congratulations you are engaged! The question was asked, and answered, thankfully with the desired result. Now your friends and family won’t stop asking, “when is the big day?” Continue reading

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