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Enjoy a Memorable I Found My Gown Experience

Vivian Theoret of Juliannah’s Dress & Bridal (, at 30 Labrosse Street in Moose Creek, has assisted curvy brides-to-be who’ve hesitated to try on dresses. They only just want to look, she says, “because they feel that absolutely no bridal gown could ever fit their figure.” They’ve also compared themselves unfavourably—and unfairly—to other women who’ve had their day in “the dress.”

Vivian sets them straight. “Your future husband loves you with all his heart—exactly the way you are. Because you are beautiful,” she tells them. “Let’s look at selected gowns to try on and discover just how amazing you look in a bridal gown.”

In her words, “There is nothing in the world that I love more than to see a woman’s face light up and glow, smiling from ear to ear, at seeing herself in a precious gown that enhances her curvy figure so perfectly.  That is the ultimate feeling in my bridal world: knowing that I sincerely helped this bride to believe in her natural beauty.”

“Encouraging discussion with the bride-to-be and her trusted guests sets the ambiance for a truly memorable I Found My Gown experience,” Vivian continues. “When guiding a bride in selecting her gown there are many factors my trusted bridal stylists and I take into account.  From questions posed, and styles picked, gowns are tried on.  This is when our future bride discovers her beauty in that perfect silhouette. 

“Curvy styled gowns are designed with the bodice (bust area) patterned to enhance and accommodate a fuller bust line. Lucky girls! This point is very important.  On the bride’s wedding day when we look at her glowing face, our eyes always follow down to her neckline and bust area.  Seeing beautiful shoulders and bust is feminine perfection at its best.  The continuation and movement of her gown flows perfectly,  creating the most beautiful  bride  the groom has ever seen.  True love! “A curvy  bride  exudes womanly sexiness as they ultimately should. Beauty always comes from within, but having that perfect wedding gown on the most important day of your life is the icing on your cake.” 

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