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Wedding film photography is enjoying a comeback

Like a phoenix, analog wedding film photography is rising from the ashes. Considered a relic since 2010, it is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. But what explains this unexpected enthusiasm?

The resurgence of film photography is not new. Eastman Kodak Company was already feeling the intensity, receiving massive demands to produce 35mm film in recent years. That was in 2022, and yet the popularity of this old format continues to grow until today. The director of the Gosselin store at Place de la cite, Quebec, also spoke about the subject:“The demand is very strong in fact. Even suppliers are having trouble providing us with enough films to be able to meet 100% demand. We source our supplies from several places to ensure we always have a certain number in store”.

This renewed interest is also apparent among couples, who are increasingly seduced by the artistic originality and emotion that film photography offers. Even Generation Z, accustomed to digital technology, is attracted to the unique beauty of traditional photography. For them, this form of visual art gives photos more value than digital photography can provide.

Film photography and its nostalgia

Film photography is often associated with a certain romanticism and an aura of mystery. The resulting shots have such a special texture and depth, still unmatched by current digital cameras.

It’s the same with casino players, who are increasingly attracted to traditional formats (poker, blackjack, slot machines, baccarat, etc.). Slot machines, for example, take people back to the tangible experience of land-based casinos. Especially since the players can choose a no-deposit bonus, allowing them to play for free with real money. This motivates them even more to visit physical casinos, rather than playing online at home. It was as if traditional games brought back a feeling of excitement, difficult to find in a virtual casino.

Linked by this feeling of nostalgia, these two trends establish a connection with the past. Film photos harken back to a time when photography was simpler and more authentic, while traditional casino games harken back to the fun times of youth.

Why are film wedding films still in fashion?

The famous rendering of a traditional camera, like the Olympus Mju II, appeals to photography enthusiasts of generations that aren’t entirely familiar with it. Newlyweds, too, fantasize about the idea of ​​obtaining a sweet, natural and original souvenir. In general, here are the reasons why they choose this option.

A mark of charm and authenticity

Traditional cameras use chemical films to capture light. As a result, the photos taken have a unique style, with warm tones, a softer dynamic range and subtle grain. It’s a bit like vintage or retro photos from the 80s. Unlike digital photos, film photos are far from artistic perfection. But above all, that’s what makes it so charming. These photos tell the story of romance, they are unique works of art, devoid of filters or special effects.

Each photo has inestimable value

Digital cameras allow unlimited shots and the photos are often very aesthetic. Anyone who can take fast, flawless photos. Film, on the other hand, is limited in the number of photos it can capture. This requires a long preparation, good detection of shots and the expertise of a true professional. There is nothing automatic about these devices. The whole process has to be done manually, so that the photos are well-groomed and thoughtful. This accentuates the desire of future bride and groom to capture the most meaningful moments.

Much more than a simple cliché

A far cry from the instant photos and digital filters of our era, film photography takes us back to the past, where details are most precious. The professionals of yesteryear did not take photos haphazardly. They made their profession an art, which they exercised with care and attention to detail. The camera choice and the brand of film used requires great attention. Working up to the printing stage in the lab also requires a lot of dedication. The result is photos that are as valuable to them as they are to their clients.

A timeless memory

Digital files (films, photos, music, etc.) can easily get lost in the mazes of your Cloud, or disappear with your hard drive when it is broken. It would be a shame to lose the memories of such a carefully planned wedding. Film photos, on the other hand, are so tangible that offer an immediate sense of time and place to whoever sees them.

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