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Wedding preparation: How technology can help you with that in 2022?

Technology has proven essential in the planning and management of weddings and wedding activities, particularly for people who don’t like to plan every detail to the minutest one. But the infusion of technology into the wedding sphere isn’t taking it too far. No industry seems to be able to keep out technological innovations, not even conservative industries like the wedding industry, founded on an ancient tradition performed regularly in the past millennia.

So, it doesn’t matter if the couple is tech-savvy or old-fashioned; there is something for everyone in this new, digitized world of weddings.

How to Infuse Technology into your Wedding

Just before the bells toll on your big day, there are many things you have to stress about to ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams and also keep your guests entertained and fed. That can be challenging, coupled with the stress of planning and overseeing everything, which becomes even more difficult as the day draws closer.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. With technological advancements like those discussed below, you can streamline your planning, budgeting, and system to ensure that everything is just as you want.

Wedding Planner Apps

Wedding planning apps are easily installed on your phone to give you access to services that you need for your event. For instance, Wedding Planner gives you a platform for sourcing professionals in your locale, creating a schedule and to-do list, budgeting, and tracking your expenditures. You can also find a timeline within the app that conveys your itinerary from how close you are to achieving your goals. Think finding a caterer, florist, band and picking the date to get things done.

The concept of taking an otherwise complex and traditional method of doing things and reinventing it into a simple yet easy-to-use and access way is a function of technology that’s underappreciated. What’s more, this concept isn’t unique to the wedding industry alone. For example, in Igaming, software development company Playtech used a similar technique to bring typical casino games like Atlantis Queen, for instance, to mobile platforms. The game works seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms and can be viewed in portrait and landscape mode, with high-quality images and sounds for a beautiful experience.

Other wedding planning apps that use the same idea include Wedding Countdown, WeddingHappy, Wedding Countdown and iWedding.


Unfortunately, some guests won’t be able to make it to your event for myriads of reasons, ranging from prior commitments to health concerns to financial constraints to distance, among other things. But not being physically present doesn’t mean they can’t be there for you. Technological advancements in video streaming services, like Facebook Live, Periscope, and many others, provide a platform for people to tune into your event via live stream. All you need to do is hook up the video coverage of the occasion to your PC and connect to any live streaming service of your choice.


Financial savings are one of the most significant technology breakthroughs in the wedding industry. Applications like Mint help you develop sample budgets that you can try out thoroughly until you achieve the correct numbers to finance your wedding without going bankrupt afterwards.

Online Wedding Registry

Gift giving during weddings is as old as the tradition itself and is a crucial part of the event. But it also presents a logistical chore for both guests and the couple after the wedding is concluded. But you no longer have to deal with such inconveniences on your big day, thanks to technological innovations from Amazon. Some years ago, the online store created a wedding registry for couples. The concept was about easing the stress of shopping for gifts and moving them to the couple.

Instead, guests could add their gifts to the shopping carts of the couple’s wedding registry. After the event, Amazon would then ship them the products at any time they want

Offering Directions

Another common hassle during a wedding is helping guests find the event’s location, especially when they are new to the area or the venue isn’t trendy. Artificial Intelligence is a regular part of our day-to-day lives now. It’s in the GPS devices and apps we use to get around and can also be programmed to show your guest the way. With apps like Waze, you can even reduce late coming by avoiding traffic congestion.

Music Compilations

Like choosing a theme for the event, couples often want specific music to go with everything. Technology comes in handy here, helping to save money and time. For example, say goodbye to buying several records of mixtapes. Instead, create a playlist of songs you’d like or find playlists that meet your taste online. Platforms like Spotify should come in handy.

Weddings typically experience breaks in transmission when the music is playing. Such situations can be easily avoided with the creation of a playlist. Instead, you have to click on play and set up each track to fade into the subsequent one. Doing so successful removes the time wasted on changing records or seeking out certain tracks.


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