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Wedding Menu Planning Tips

Take advantage of the chilly weather to enjoy these crowd-pleasing comfort foods

By Iris Winston

Appetizers and Mains

Winter means it’s time to bring back the soup course! Soup shooters served during cocktail hour are one of our favorite winter starters. Comfort foods are also right at home at winter weddings — think mini grilled cheese sandwiches, tiny spaghetti and meatballs hors d’oeuvres, butternut squash ravioli, and meat and potatoes as your main dish.


A spiked hot chocolate bar is a great choice for grown-ups, but you can also keep it alcohol-free so you can serve to guests of all ages. Set out toppings like whipped cream, coconut, and nuts (and bottles of marshmallow vodka!) for a sweet treat that guests will love. You can also opt for warm signature cocktails and get creative with your garnishes! A mini donut takes basic hot cocoa up a notch.


Pies and tarts work well for winter and can be a great opportunity to share a family recipe with your guests. If you’ll have access to a beach or a fireplace, create s’mores kits or set up a s’mores bar. And when it comes to your cake, we love rustic-looking cakes with wintry details.

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