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If you’re mindful of taking care of yourself and the planet, you don’t have to settle for anything less in your bridal style. Feel as beautiful as you look on your wedding day, by investing in excellent products and services that do no harm. Beauty guru Lyz Plant is a coach and makeup artist who specializes in eco options and wellness, and she tells us how.

What is clean beauty?

“Clean” is a spectrum and can mean different things to different people. I always ask clients to think about where they stand and what’s important to them—for instance health and environmental impact. Then, while choosing products, we make sure those important boxes get ticked.
Clean generally includes products that aren’t tested on animals, though there are also ingredients many people choose to avoid because they are linked to harmful health and environmental effects. The Detox Market’s Banned Ingredients List identifies why its products do not include these specific ingredients, which types of standard beauty products typically do include the ingredients, and what harm they may cause. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website is another source of information. 

Is it possible to use natural products for your bridal look?

It is!  I start by asking what’s important to you for your wedding day. I’ve worked with some brides who want an all eco-product look, but many wish to have a blend.  This is realistic for the sake of longevity on your wedding day. (Eco products aren’t made to be waterproof or last; the ingredients that provide the staying power in standard items aren’t “clean.”)  There are all sorts of easy swap-outs, though, for lipstick, blush, highlighter and foundation. But you may want your eyeliner and mascara to be waterproof, since it is an emotional day. This is the type of product blend many brides choose. 

More and more I’m also seeing people with sensitivities who just can’t wear products from their usual brands anymore, and who have tried everything. They’re reacting to something and find that cleaner brands work. That’s where I come in, to help find their best new product fit.  

When making choices about products and services, what should be considered?

For everyday products, just start dabbling. Head to places like Oresta Organic Skincare and Terra 20 and play; visit Detox Market online, look around and ask questions. There’s no need for a complete, instant overhaul. I recommend you shop around, and when you start running out of something, replace it with a healthier product.  Take baby steps.  

For your wedding, I would look into booking a makeup trial with a professional. This way you can go over options, try various products and looks, and make a game plan for your big day. 

What’s your advice for beauty and skincare routines to look your best on your wedding day?

Makeup will only do so much; the better the skin, the better the makeup will look and last.  Start as early as you can with a regimen. Treat yourself to a yummy holistic facial to see what your skin needs are. Drink your water, eat well, and lay off coffee and alcohol leading up to your wedding day too. 

Definitely add a face mask once a week. It’s such a treat! Some of my favorites include Laurel’s Honey Berry Mask (available at Oresta Organic Skin Care), Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (available at Sephora) and Evan Healy’s French Rose Clay Mask (available at Rainbow Foods).

What are your top picks in bridal beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals and not tested on animals?

– Sappho eye shadows (All are individual so you can create your own palette.)
– Saint Cosmetics concealer
– Fitglow Sunny Days Cheek Palette (I used this on almost every one of my brides this past season.)
– Fitglow’s Lip Colour Serum
– Ere Perez Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint
– Clove and Hallow Lip Velvets (They offer “long wear” texture.)

Will these products last through the whole day? Are touch-ups recommended?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Every makeup product needs a bit of touching up. My top choices to have with you on your wedding day are a lip item and blotting papers.  My favorites, Boo Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Linens, are available at Whole Foods. 

Lyz Plant’s makeup clients have ranged from Coco Rocha to Catherine O’Hara. As a personal branding coach and makeup artist, she has she been working with cleaner beauty options for over a decade. She also owned one of Canada’s first eco makeup and skincare stores, where she helped thousands of women find products and skincare solutions, while providing lessons and working towards making clean beauty fashionable. Today she offers private and group lessons, workshops, coaching, speaking and brand consulting. She also works with brides and bridal parties.

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