Fine Tune your Wedding Music

There’s no element with more power to make your wedding day meaningful, memorable and enjoyable than the music. Not only do your music choices set the mood and tone for different events on the schedule, they also influence how people share in your celebration. If you want your guests to have a great time, feel the love and joy, and recap the highlights with pleasure, invest in great sound.

“Music is the soundtrack to the wedding,” says DJ Stephan Gonthier, founder and owner of Dynamix Productions, an Ottawa-based company offering premium DJ and entertainment services. In his words, “Creating the right mood and moments by choosing the right music is as important as choosing the right wedding dress for the bride.”

Odds are you’ve been to a wedding at which the bride looked stunning and the flowers were beautiful, but the reception was bor-ing. You don’t want the big day you’ve spent months planning to end with a dull, awkward “party.”

Talented DJs/entertainers work with you and read the crowd to keep the vibe fun and the guests on the dance floor. “The key to having the best music and entertainment at a wedding is communication,” says Brian Henry, president of Quality Entertainment, an award-winning disc jockey and entertainment company that provides DJ services for hundreds of weddings each year. Like Stephan from Dynamix, Brian is an experienced expert. Not only did he establish Quality Entertainment 22 years ago with Scott Smith, he is also the founder of the Ottawa Wedding Awards.

As this insider points out, “Providing details as to what you want to see, hear and do at the wedding will make it easier for a DJ to know how to play the music, make the announcements and fulfill your expectations.”
The head of Dynamix is of the same opinion. “It’s all in the details,” Stephan says, noting that “listening to our clients and giving them the right tools” to provide key information helps ensure the outcome is all a couple is hoping for—and better. “This is done through our app that all of our clients get access to once they book.”

In terms of ensuring the right music mix, “Our client[s] provide us with some must-play or play-if-possible songs,” Stephan explains. “This is where the experience of the DJ comes into play. Reading the room and keeping the dance floor full all night. Also incorporating the requests from the bride and groom and always taking requests from the floor. Our goal is to keep you and your guests wanting more until the end of the night. We love encores.”

With Quality Entertainment, Brian notes, “Couples can create a playlist in advance of the wedding using our online system, or they can approach the DJ and make requests on the spot.

“Quality Entertainment offers a wide range from music from the 1930s to today, including a variety of genres with the most popular being dance, rock, pop, country and modern music.”

Both Brian and Stephan have some advice for people searching for the right wedding music vendor.

“Make sure you meet with any company you’re considering,” Stephan recommends. This in-person consultation tells you whether the fit will work and also provides an opportunity to clarify details. “Lastly,” he says, anyone looking to book a DJ “shouldn’t base their decision on price; the best price is not always the best deal as you do get what you’re paying for. Having the right or the wrong DJ for your wedding will make or break the party.” 

Brian says, “Its important to choose a DJ or entertainment company that has a long history of providing excellent entertainment. Quality Entertainment has more than two decades of experience and we are a full-time DJ service.”

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